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  • yoda12000 yoda12000 Jan 31, 2002 2:33 PM Flag

    I tired to tell ya yesterday......

    >>WASHINGTON �� Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Thursday the United States must prepare now for potential surprise attacks "vastly more deadly" than the Sept. 11 terrorist hijackings.<<<

    They're preparing the public for mass destruction on a scale not seen since 1945.

    Remember how you felt Sept. 11th to 17th when you had NO IDEA where your long positions would open? How's it going to feel when the next attack occurs and the market doesn't open for a month because they need to BUILD a new market?

    Long in this environment is friggin insane. RIMM's fundamentals won't mean squat when the Dow goes below 5000 after a nuclear bomb goes off in a big city.....

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    • So you believe in settling your differences with violence. That's good. Just not the way adults in a civilized society are supposed to conduct themselves. Do you have kids that you teach this to.

      What if one guy is 6'8" 280 and the other guy 5'5 120. I guess the 5'5" guy is always wrong in your dispute settlement system. Or maybe he can bring something to the fight to even the battle field?

    • Yoda's point is well taken, if not well said. Canada and Mexico both protect our borders. Provided the governments of these two counties cooperate with the US agenda they will be OK. Their land serves us well just to protect us from intruders.

      However, if the landscape of our national interest were to change dramatically enough, and we needed to use Canada or Mexico for other reasons, we would. And niether country would put up a resistence.

      Now if that is upsetting to anyone, well that's just the nature of our foriegn policy. Canada poses no threat to us and we have no other use for their land. If that changes, then so will our foriegn policy.

      I guess that makes us one big happy family. Our problems are your problems and vice versa.

    • You had me until the no biting thing.....

    • If its not on pay per view I'm going to Tampa.

      I'm looking forward to the pre-fight posturing.

      BTW - Lennox Lewis grew up in home of RIM (there is a remote RIM connection here), went to Margaret Avenue Senior Public School.

    • No fights for four years? Since 19 years-old? You are both wimps! I last fought this past Wednesday. Went at it with my 17 y/o son (6', 185lbs.), who I box with for recreation. Great work out and good stress reliever. The downside is that the little bastard almost layed this old 45 y/o out on the canvas.

      Tell you what we can do. I hereby challenge Yoda to a refereed, 3 round boxing match to be conducted here in Tampa. Since Yoda and I are about the same size (6'1", 205), it should be a fair fight (though Yoda is younger than I). I will represent virtous RIMM longs everywhere, while Yoda will represent the craven RIMM shorts. The loser will have to stay off the board for a month. Side bets between other longs and shorts will be encouraged. No biting will be permitted.

    • Kind of a non-sequitor (but we are witnessing the decline of the American empire).

      I don't take what Yoda says too seriously, but I do believe that if there is a huge drought in the US, and people are dying of thirst down there, it's not too much of a leap to think they will make a land grab for water (would that be a bitch-slap?).

    • EXCELLENT post.

    • Genxboomer,

      Please stop believing in only what your government wants you to believe. Start asking your questions.

      US = Roman Empire = one nation

      Do you think Osama has escaped? The truth is Osama will never die according to the US government, he will be where ever that the US government wants to bomb. War to terrorism is a no world war, it is a reverage.

    • "I'm physically large(6'2", 195), "

      well that explains it. More room for all that shit you're full of.

    • 4 years without a fight? Oh my :)

      I have not been in a fight since I was in the Army at 19... and I don't really see it happening again in my life...unless I'm mugged, etc.

      I'm physically large(6'2", 195), but I have no problem walking away from physical confrontation. I would rather appear to be a whimp rather than risking killing someone or being killed... remember the hockey dad?

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