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  • waterfallsparkles waterfallsparkles Sep 11, 2003 6:43 PM Flag

    Beware longs they are setting you up

    It appears in my opinion that they are setting the longs up for the same loss that they caused the shorts.

    Keep a close eye on you positions in the next few days and put in your stop losses.

    They make a huge profit on the run up and then a huge profit on the run down.

    They are the winners and the longs and shorts loose.

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    • Answer:

      Don't give into fear -

      Don't get too greedy -

      Dont' marry a stock -

      Take your ample portion while it is on the table -

      Don't be afraid to walk away and take a loss, before it becomes a large loss, since tomorrow's gain is at hand -

      Be confident, be patient, and know when to exit -

      Sounds easy, right?

      Good Luck


    • Who is "they" that you are referring to? ...The MM's / instituitions? ....You short players refer to the manipulation by MM's on a tick to tick basis ... You have no idea who is selling and the volume is not over the top today or yesterday to start the typical instituitional posts (bs)...It's just ridiculous for these post... You act as if you know what's going on when your just simply sitting in front of a monitor like the rest of us...Why would you assume this? (and please don't say I-Watch)

      Instituitional action would be presumed to follow heavier volume... The naz sold off the last 2 days .. We are right about at normal volume, correct? ..You could just as easily say that this is "not" the work of your mysterious MM's but an overbought situation since the run up was immense.. Since you are short the stock or only thinking one directon with this, as most of you are with out a
      doubt..You would like to think it is some big bad guy out there to prop this stock up against your "so-called" position ... where as it's much easier to assume this is a normal pullback after a great run ... which quite honestly would be normal, the fact is, this ain't the case, the naz is the case and you know it or at least you should if you actually follow or do follow this stock on a regular basis.... to which you new posters do not, you'll be gone in a few days anyway ...(shorthunter has been around for quite sometime I believe and the real shorts seldom post, check in yes, but know the game rather well) ...they are good and do not use the phrase "MM" Manipulation to justify their position...In other words, they don't look to ascribe to a higher purpose for being in the wrong trade at the wrong time, nor the right side ...same for the long traders ...

      Yes, it can be frustrating when long or shorts try and ascribe a higher meaning then what is honestly normal action...and if you short daytraders are still in, try not to put your stop loss out there for the whole world to see..... we all might make a few dollars in the end :)


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