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  • BuyHoldProfits BuyHoldProfits Dec 15, 2004 11:07 PM Flag

    Why are some buying? Explained.....

    Just think for a moment...if the institutions all started dumping stock, who would be around to buy? They have to buy a little, get people excited that it is going up and then dump on the unsuspecting or ones who have to go to work every day and can't watch their trading screen or don't have the foresight to just "get out".

    I've been trading actively (every day) since January 1999 and I can tell you that the ONLY rule to remember if you don't remember anything else, is that the market is not going to go in your favor just because fundamentals or charts tell you they should. Trends are king and then trend is down in RIMM now.

    Longs won't sell until they HAVE to, and imho, that time is 20 points at least away. (remember the stock split) Just think how much profit is sitting in the longs brokerage account on RIMM. They can rationalize right now, but when the Broker calls them and says "I AM FORCLOSING ON YOUR HOUSE", they will then dump at a rate you can't believe.

    In all honesty, you guys look at a daily chart of JDSU, or a weekly if you want back to 1999. It ran like RIMM, but the fall was devestating to many portfolios. The big boys will try to shake out the shorts with little mini rallies, but those who hold will double their account in 1 month I would bet. Where else can you get that kind of return?

    Longs, you might not believe me, but no matter how hard it hurts, no matter how bad it makes your portfolio look, no matter how much it cuts your number of shares of stock you can buy on margin, sell...Sell...SELL as quickly as you can and just get your butts out of this stock before YOU LOSE YOUR HOUSE!

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