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  • biloxitrader biloxitrader Mar 28, 2005 4:02 PM Flag


    In case you are you ever make use of the Camarilla Equation?

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    • FYI...TradeStation will let you go month-to-month now, fwiw.
      Back in the day they sold the platform lump-sum for about $3 to $5grand if memory serves correct.
      Contrast that to today when they also offer a kick ass direct-access brokerage service right off the platfrom; order input options that are mind boggling; ability to backtest EVERYthing; and do "custom" coding w/o support of a techno-geek (via "EasyLanguage")...and it's such a no brainer at $135 a month that it ain't funny.
      In it to win it, CL.

    • TR,
      thanks. I've definitely outgrown the crappy tools eTrade provides, and have been wanting to move to real platform like TradeStation. But I have read about so many, it's hard to choose which one is the "best", and I want to try it out for 1-2 months before making any long-term committments.

    • CL,
      Due (pun) yourself and your trading results a HUGE favor...use the TS platform (software); only about $135 month for one full station. Extra cost (assuming if more than your current) is peanuts compared to the toolset.
      The fibs are stupendous on this platform; all auto-calc'd / any time frames you want.
      I run 'em all day/every day in 2 min./5min/5 day, you name it...never pick up a calculator.
      Bit of art, yes; sometimes ya gotta toy w/the hi you choose/perhaps ignore a "contrived" spike hi/tic'll "see" it on the 'visual.'
      Give yourself every edge you can in this know that drill.
      Really good books on fibs hard to come by/if you come across one; please give a heads up.

      Over n out,

    • Your posts are very informative and encouraging. Many thanks

    • Bollinger-band behavior is uncanny. It's amazing to see stocks bounce within the bands (most of the time). And the math behind them is not all that intricate. Fibs are cool too, but I find choosing the highs/lows to calculate them an art. Do you know of any books/software that take any guesswork out of calculating them correctly? thx

    • You are the biggest bad ass I know.
      Way to rock, big dog.
      Thanks again for yesterday, you are welcome anytime at the right hand of Neo !

      See ya in a bit,

    • Gent,
      Along w/that Darvas exposure; perhaps spend some time with Bollinger bands on your charts (all time frames).
      Another idea that will bring your trading forward is hard study of time elapse/and intervals as relates to the price. The patterns will become clearer and clearer.
      Combine w/Fibonnacci (all calcs); and you will begin to see that 85-90% win ratio results can be reality. With all the tools at your disposal, then the only remaining aspect is to make sure your ulcers don't eat you alive while suffering on the pivot point whipping posts. Lastly, be patient thru the trading day; don't fish in calm waters....spear the whales in the deep/choppy seas...and nirvana awaits.
      Best of luck on your journey; crack the code ma brotha...and the world is your oyster.


    • His book is not very clear but what I got out of it was, to take action, either short or long when the price goes out of the bottom or the top of the box, respectively, provided all other indicators support the action. Combining that with the equation I got from you, it turned out to be a winning combination. Having this combination sorta eliminates the guess work.

    • It's real.

    • Yeah, was that really cement? Being Italian myself I am very familiar with cement boots.


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