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  • easy_v_b easy_v_b Dec 1, 2005 11:37 AM Flag

    Workaround rumor

    According to

    Blackberry users running version 4.0.2 already have the workaround implemented.

    For those without that version of handheld software, you (or your IT department) would only need to upgrade the bb to the latest software, a process that takes only 10-15 minutes.

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    • Boy, you are mad.

      I think what you said about the justice system, or the lack of it, is mostly true.
      Ditto the electoral system. Who the hell can afford to run for office because of a desire to serve? You need big dough, the kind you need to raise $$$$ kissing asses for the rest of your political life, and selling your own soul in the process. Goodbye service to the country.

      However, we are talking about rim. Rim is bigger that NTP, but is still a very small entity by all measures. It is also Canadian, which in a jury system is a distinct disadvantage due to prejudice and all. Maybe Rim should not have tried to change the US, but to survive it.

    • You know, I agree with everything you posted.

      But, the stock answer you will get is:
      "It's just business, and has nothing to do with justice"

    • <<the objective is to minimize cost, to minimize liability.>>
      Don't read if you don't want to get pissed off with me for expressing my views.

      That is EXACTLY the whole problem with the U.S. legal system. It isn't justice as in - what is right. It is how, since I have been accused of something, can I now get out of this with a minimum amount of cost and liabilitiy.

      Being INNOCENT has absolutely nothing to do with it. JUSTICE has nothing to do with it.

      Getting off the hook of being accused, for the least expense and the least liability is what it is all about. The lawyers just laugh all the way to the bank and wait for the next sucker to get accused of something and have to cough up the big dough so they can get a percentage.

      Justice????? The U.S. has the highest percentage of its citizens behind bars of any country in the world. Why - Because they were unluckly enough to be accused and couldn't afford to buy their way out. If they couldn't afford it, they join the actual guilty and the rest of the accused but poor innocents behind bars.

      Just pray you do not get accused of something. It matters not whether you are innocent. Can you afford to get yourself out of it is the only question otherwise be prepared to bend over.

      Justice! The Amercian Way! You folks can't even run your own country but you think you can run everyone elses. SHAME on you. SHAME for having so many of your citizens behind bars. SHAME for doing nothing about it. But unfortunately, I just feel VERY, Very sad for you.

      But, I have to deal with my own asshole politicians who through their own power grab greed force our country into the cost of another election. At least you don't have to put up with that. You just have to put up with your own asses until the next scheduled election.

    • I really don't think that's it, soory but I am almost sure your take is off.

      When RIMM was small years ago, they were approached by Compana. Right then and there they could have negotiated a reasonable royalty. But from day one they have trampled over Campana's property.

      Now the family wants blood. I will wager the family's lawyers advised them to take the $450M, but the family considers it personal at this stage.


    • Rim is the nitche leader. The others's sales pale in comparison. NPT is wise to concentrate their powder on where the biggest bang is.

    • I can't believe your take and I will tell you why.

      NTP has licensed the patents to several other companies for reasonable rates.

      Why wouldn't they do this for RIMM?

      I have concluded it is because RIMM is reckless and disrespectful.

      The perfomance to date in court shows my take has a foundation.


    • >If you take anything away from today's discussion, remember this, smile even when you feel bad, roll with the punches and get the best deal for today while holding your options open for a better deal tomorrow.<

      Wise take.

    • Yeah that's it. Happens all the time. Settle early and for very little cost and damage.

      If one sees they have a case, go after the plaintiff but try to get an early settlement as soon as possible to minimize liability.

      You have to be objective and leave your feelings out of it. RIMM should have settled early and then come back by filing suit over royalties based on invalid claims, assuming they saw a clear case for it.

      Like I said before, their liability would have been one-tenth of what it is today had they done so.

      If you take anything away from today's discussion, remember this, smile even when you feel bad, roll with the punches and get the best deal for today while holding your options open for a better deal tomorrow.

      It's a tough lesson but you will find the best managers have learned it well. When I perform stock research, I almost always evaluate management performance in addition to TA and FA. I have gotten in trouble when I have left out the task of researching management background.


    • Interesting that you use Michael Jackson in your example. What if you or I had recorded the song and didn't have the bankroll like Michael (or RIMM)?

      I honestly believe RIMM had no ill intentions. They came up with the design on their own and stumbled into Campana's design.

      They tried to settle, but something went wrong. RIMM didn't want to be forever held hostage by the royalty fees and I'm not sure I blame them. NTP seems to have had bigger $'s in mind.

      This will probably be one of those stories we will look back on and business schools will make it part of their coursework.

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