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    • lol, I should have sat behind glick's team from rim but they did look like they were having a good time. I did sit behing NPT's team and the large case that carried all their papers they put it under there seat and I used it as a foot rest. So you could say I touched the term sheet kinda...

    • Well that's what the PR said, $450MM all in:

      "RIM will pay to NTP US$450 million in final and full settlement of all claims to date against RIM, as well as for a perpetual, fully-paid up license going forward."

      ( )

      Bur who knows what the term sheet says ..... stupid gsonic55 had the opportunity to snatch it off the judge's bench but failed to do so! Of course, doing so might have resulted in gsonic55's very own personal injunction from the judge if he (the party of the 1st part) didn't move fast enough! (heheheh)

    • Didn't the RIMM $450M offer essentially purchase the patent rights, ie no further royalties? I think that's what put NTP's shorts in a wad, losing potential future revenue royalties.

      Someone earlier today mentioned that RIMM was trying to protect the carriers from NTP. I don't think the carriers have anything to worry about, they aren't the manufacturers. But the way this whole legal mess is going, it wouldn't surprise me if they don't end up dragged into it.

    • Well, I would doubt it, whether someone ex-PTO is working with RIM or not. If it's being fast tracted [sic!] maybe it's because they wish to oblige The Judge, who they know to be in a hurry.

      I'm not much for conspiracy theories, and I really, really DO believe the Apollo moon landings really, really did happen. Besides, your congresspersons are MUCH too busy screwing us over SOFTWOOD LUMBER!!!! <ggg>

      There's probably no provision for it, but since fairness OUGHT to be the goal, not speed, why doesn't the PTO take what time it needs and The Judge wait on the PTO, then if NTP wins just add on the "extra" elapsed time onto the patent expiry date?

      That's it, I'm off to bed! Goodnight.

    • I find it rather difficult to agree with buttfuckmallen wrt anything.

    • "why, if you're so sure about your patents' validity"

      Because, I believe and I think the judge has an idea that there may be political pressures on the PTO after all this is not being handled like other cases it is being fast tracted and some congresman in a letter tried to influence him in the trial phase when he told rim

      "this is the one spot where money and influence will not help you"

    • I blame you for this confusion, gsonic55 ..... there you were, just inches from the term sheet, you should have snatched it and run!

      As far as I know none of us yet knows what the cursed thing says, and may never. By "payback" did you mean "clawback" -- in case the NTP patents collapsed in the future? Some people have been saying RIM wanted & NTP refused (why, if you're so sure about your patents' validity) but who knows.

    • but the $450 had strings attached. So was it really 450? or 450 with caveats and an inabilty to use it like they want? They would have to basicaly keep it in escrow what kind of a deal would that be. I think it had a payback clause...

    • amusedbylackofknowledgehere amusedbylackofknowledgehere Dec 2, 2005 11:06 PM Flag

      Actually, I would bet on December, but I'm a bit surprised Spencer hasn't already scheduled something. Maybe he's suggested they talk, but there was no such indication in the non-sealed opinions from Wednesday. I really don't know for sure.

      I do have to agree with BFMALLEN on one thing, I'd hate to be telling my grandchildren I left $450M of their inheritance on the table. On the flip side, I'd hate to be RIMM management telling shareholders why it didn't settle and let an injunction shut down 70% of its business. Both sides have brass balls.

    • Amused..

      why do you think it will take till Jan for the briefs/court meeting, is it because NTP wants to wait for a month and see if RIMM's attitude changes , or because the judge would like to give that much time to both parties to see if something changes or just because thats the usual timeline for such cases...?


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