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  • bbjamjar bbjamjar Dec 29, 2005 7:31 AM Flag

    BlackBerry vs Vapour CNTD

    What are we talking about here anyway with MS, Nokia etc? Catch-up technology? RIM are already focusing on BlackBerry beyond email. In addition to features offered by third-party tools (such as extended Continuity of Operations tools), the latest BES includes tools that allow users to connect to Web Services enabled applications, all with the same security, stability, compression that is already built into the BES.

    As for the NTP issue, this is a wildcard that would appear to be coming to a head pretty quickly - either a large or small payout which it appears that RIM can afford.

    Very happy for the speculators on this board to do whatever they want to do with their money, but remember that Enterprises won't jump ship very easily. Sensible speculation should have an element of solid fact about it. At present, any competing solutions are still vapour TODAY and whether they are released TOMORROW or THE DAY AFTER, have a long road to make up before they can offer anything like what RIM can offer RIGHT NOW.

    In the end, I am all for competition, it is very keeps everyone on their toes. Coke & Pepsi are doing very well. So are McDonalds, Pizza Hut & KFC.


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    • Apple had many competitive advantages over it's competitors when it was king of the PC world, including everything you said RIMM currently has.

      Learn from the past.

    • First it is Blackberry versus Treo,
      then, Shorts versus Longs
      then, Canadians versus Americans
      and now Macs versus PCs

      Good grief the next thing you know it will be rats versus cats.
      Oh wait. Too late, it already is Smoother_Rat versus Cooler_Cat

    • Test drive a G4 laptop and tell me again Mac has no competitive advantages....

    • what are you

      btw..nice post!

    • Ok, RIMM has three different set of competitors: hardware people like NOK, PALM, MOT, etc.. 70% of RIMM's business is hardware and their sales numbers are dropping rapidly. It gets murky because the industry can't absolutely draw a line and say what is included in the RIMM market. Some people include anything that is called a smartphone (does email, internet, message, etc.) and some just include Q phones. Regardless of what you decide the market in in hardware RIMM is against some real competition. In smartphones then RIMM is far behind other in total sales.

      In licensing then companies like good are the only competition. RIMM has in the past been way ahead in this (I think like 10:1 and is now something like 4:1 - in a year). In this market then RIMM is the market leader (and why the NTP issue is so critical to the company). RIMM doesn't realistically expect to beat NOK, or MOT.

      In software the competition is Palm (obviously flawed until recently when they teamed with MSFT). MSFT does a great job in software but more importantly then it runs on MS exchange which will cut RIMM's subscription basis.

      Worldwide then I believe last year someone said the only about 7% of business phones had been tapped, but in US then was in the 70's%. (going by memory - someone can look this up). RIMM has been doing well overseas where most of its subscription increases come from... but it's got a hell of a lot of business at risk in the US (70% of their revenue).

      If you're going to compare companies you have to compare by markets. Technically then PALM grew much more in treo then RIMM did. Again, you have to split out from PALM the revenue from treo and other products (since RIMM only has the BB).

      Hope this helps in comparing apples and blackberries.

    • Maybe so, but didn't Palm sell twice as much Treos as RIM sold blackberries during the last quarter? In other words, isn't it subject to be dethroned as a King?

    • With apologies to Applephiles, Apple computers have no real competitive advantages vs. PCs. RIM has significant technological, brand, market share, etc. advantages compared to competition.

      Much as this board would like to declare the king dead, the king is very much still at the top of the hill; there are more wannabes now, though.

      Case in point: RIM gets more new subscribers in a quarter than the rest of the market has total subscribers.

    • <<Too bad you backed this horse and paid too much for your bet.>>

      Which trade are you referring to? Currently I have no position, just a buy order that has not triggered yet.

    • i agree, that was also my point.

      some here will post that because they have a (ok alleged) superior product that stock price & market share will continue to rise.

      not necessarily so.

      Some consumers want best tech,,,, others want best price, especially when the shelf life is 1 year, and they upgrade every year.

      it's like computers,,,, max time to hold is about 3 years, and then you have to play catch up with software & need new hardware....

    • Depends on the consumer's definition of superior. What replaced it doesn't matter. My point is the being first to market and current industry leader does not necessarily predict a rosey future.

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