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  • WLMEMM WLMEMM Jan 4, 2006 4:48 PM Flag

    Must read for shorty pants......losers

    By Mobile Pipeline Staff Mobile Pipeline

    The rejection of five NTP mobile e-mail patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) discourages frivolous patent lawsuits and will foster "wide-open competition" in the wireless e-mail market, a market research firm said Thursday.
    NTP has sued Research In Motion, claiming that RIM's BlackBerry service violates its patents regarding mobile e-mail, a suit that some have speculated will lead to a cessation of BlackBerry service in the U.S. While the matter has not yet been settled, the USPTO has rejected the five patents on which NTP is basing its case.

    That's a good thing, according to market researcher Carmi Levy of Info-Tech Research Group.

    "The USPTO announcement sends two strong messages to the wireless market," Levy said. "The first is that predictions of BlackBerry's imminent demise were highly premature and unnecessarily inflammatory. The second is that life will get tougher on companies whose business model consists of using patents to sue successful vendors instead of competing for clients and markets."

    Levy said that the USPTO ruling "pulls the rug out from under NTP's court case." More important, the case was seen as a precedent that would, if successful, enable other patent holders to file similar suit.

    "If the original NTP/RIM lawsuit is ultimately tossed out of court, other cases that were riding on NTP's coattails will have less chance of success," Levy said. "The end of litigious frivolity could be upon us."

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    • Hello, inpath1. Ya, a little tired.

      As for Joe .... he was shown all that, but still doesn't seem to get it. He's denied all along that NTP ever said ANYTHING about the March agreement. As you know, there it is in black and white ..... but now he's saying that NTP knew nothing about it, that their lawyers snuck it out without NTP's knowledge. (Reminds me of a pair of rodents I know -- one rat, and one weasel).

      Then he goes on about reporters (???) writing press releases.

      Then he doesn't seem to understand that a link WITHOUT QUALIFICATION from the NTP release to the RIM release signifies concurrence with the RIM PR.

      And on, and on, ....

      Brick wall. I've stopped banging my head against it ..... and it feels much better!

      = = = =

      You were really bad today. Not only were you a basher and a pumper -- simultaneously!!!!! -- but you committed the heinous crime of trying to make a purchase at a lower price rather than a higher price. Yikes!!! I don't know if I can talk with you any more! <ggg>

      "Tomorrow will be better day". Maybe?

    • Lredman2: Aren't you a little tired of the insults and challenges if someone doesn't want to believe something you say? After today, I've had it. I think I've been accused of just about everything and all in one day. Enough already.

      But just to help you here. The claim of gunghochinajoe seems to be that because the news release is on RIMM's web site that therefore it RIMM's story and the agreement is phony somehow.

      Well the news release is ALSO on the web site of NTP's legal firm of Wiley Rein & Fielding.

      And THEIR version of the press release reads:

      Wiley Rein & Fielding Secures $450 Million Settlement in BlackBerry Patent Dispute
      March 16, 2005

      Washington, DC�Wiley Rein & Fielding attorneys have secured, on behalf of client NTP Inc., a $450 million patent infringement settlement with Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM), the maker of BlackBerry wireless e-mail devices. The settlement, which grants RIM the right to continue its BlackBerry-related wireless business, resolves litigation brought by NTP over the infringement of 16 of its patents.

      WRF�s team of patent attorneys was led by leading intellectual property lawyer James H. Wallace, Jr. In a 2002 jury trial, the group successfully argued that RIM's core BlackBerry line of wireless email products, software, and services willfully infringed five NTP patents. In 2003, the Federal District Court in Richmond, Virginia issued two orders, one specifying a damages award to be enhanced by a percent royalty on all the revenue from U.S. Blackberry sales, and one an injunction to prevent RIM from making or selling its devices in the United States. The injunction was stayed while RIM appealed. The appeal was heard last year, and in December, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, DC unanimously affirmed the prior jury verdict in favor of NTP.

      NTP and RIM will finalize the terms of the settlement in the coming weeks.

      WRF�s extensive Patent Litigation Practice�particularly in the fields of the Internet, satellite communications, semiconductors, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, computer software and hardware (including Internet applications) and medical devices�has obtained successful verdicts or settlements for clients in jury trials, arbitration proceedings and International Trade Commission proceedings, and has developed "enforcement strategies" for clients including litigation and patent licensing.


    • >>>If it's not fantasy, then what is it? What are all those court actions? A hallucination<<<

      The court decisions are wrong. Go read the PTO decisions.

    • You said NTP DID NOT RELEASE ANYTHING moron. I am not referring to the wording of any release. I am referring to what you said last time you were posting here.I do not have the patience or civility of Redman. I can see you are never going to understand english so piss off and do not bother to reply.

    • You misread it too. I said that NTP never agreed to anything binding. It came from the RIMM website.

      Waterloo, Canada - Research In Motion Limited (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) and NTP, Inc. (NTP) today announced that they have signed a binding term sheet that resolves all current litigation between them.

      Ntp never put this out, RIMM did.

      The only bullshit around here is the bullshit that gets in the middle of what your eyes see and your brain thinks.

    • The only thing I am commenting on is the fact that last time you posted you said NTP posted nothing about the settlement. I dont give a shit if its binding or not. You said NTP released Nothing which is bullshit. The lawyers did so with NTPs full knowledge and you know it.

    • They represented Ntp and it was their achievement.

      They never said there was a "binding agreement" only an agreement on the $ figure.

      There was no misrepresentation on their part.

      I will ask you the same question asked lredman2 (who refuses to answer):



    • Impossible to I give up

    • Answer the question!

      I will repeat the question:



    • Is he using the word "reporter" in some unusual sense ..... as in some W'loo reporter wrote the RIM PR? Wierd!

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