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  • supergoplayer supergoplayer Dec 4, 2006 4:58 AM Flag

    Hello my fellow rimm retail investors

    Hello my fellow rimm retail investors, both longs and shorts.

    The MMs are taking control of this stock and they are being helped by crooked analysts. However, I do believe we, the retail investors, can make a difference if we are united and do our own research.


    What you need to do is very simple. Visit your local Cinguler and Tmobile stores, talk to the sales reps there to check on the status of pearl and other competitive smart phones. Report your results here by replying this message.

    There are several folks have already done so. Please join us!

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    • Re: This is how I see earnings play out ofr Thursday afternoon and Frida

      by clic212

      Just came from a Cingular store & a radio shack in L.A..
      Best selling phone: Mot
      Best selling smartphone: Blackjack
      Why? "because it uses windows & people are used to that"
      How's the BB pearl selling? "Decent"
      How long have you had it in stock?
      "About a week"
      By the way, when I was in there I played with a prob. as no-one else was.
      It's too small & those keys are tiny...stupidly designed...& felt flimsy.

      Radio Shack:
      Best selling smartphone: "The Palm Treo. Without a doubt."
      Do you have the pearl?
      "The what?"
      Never mind.
      They had a blackberry full keyboard in pearl.

      Sentiment : Strong Sell

    • Re: This is how I see earnings play out ofr Thursday afternoon and Friday

      by jakebl00z

      For disclosure, I am also short RIMM. I'm staying short because I had the chance to visit some Cingular and T-Mobile stores in the city and suburbs where I live in the last two weeks, and NONE of them said that sales of the Pearl were overwhelming or any higher than the many other options.

      In fact, one guy said that nobody he showed it to actually bought it, and gave me his opinion that he thinks customers didn't like the little pearl-ball for navigating. He said he thought it was a mistake that they replaced the thumb-wheel. He said all he has been selling are Razrs.

      When I asked about the Black Jack specifically, the consensus was that sales for all the Samsung phones were "good" and better than the other options.

      As a side note, last weekend I also asked an SUV full of teenagers if they knew anybody who had a Blackberry Pearl, and many of them didn't even know what it was - but one kid said he thinks his mom has "a big, old Blackberry" and said "that thing is so huge" he wouldn't want one. I'm sure I'm too old to know any better, but I don't think that times have changed so much that kids think the products their parents use are "cool" - kids just want to text message each other, which they can do easier and quicker (and cheaper) than emails.

      The girls said they liked phones that flip so that they could put "bling" on them...maybe RIMM should invent a "Blingberry"

      Anyway, I'm staying short because I just don't believe this valuation will continue to be supported by their numbers. The cellphone market is an oligopoly, which like all others, is driving down prices, inviting in competitors and reducing the market shares of the leaders. Palm, Mot, Nok, Samsung, Rimm - there are too many options out there.

      Sentiment : Sell

    • Re: Channel Check

      by siratnanalyr

      Went to three Best Buy stores here in the San Francisco bay area. They rep Cingular, Sprint, Verizon (I think) and T-Mobile. They have HTC, Treos, MotoQ, Blackjack, but no Blackberries.

    • I went to a Cingular store and they told me that they are selling 100 Pearls every 60 seconds. This computes to 100*60*24*365 Pearls a year at just one store. There are 5215 Cingular stores and affiliates in N.America, which means thay are selling 100*60*24*356*5215 per year at that one carrier. With RIMM selling the device at about $350 to the carrier, the implied revenue is $95.9 trillion - give or take a trillion - in the first full year of Cingular business. Assume similar volumes at T-Mobile and Vodafone and you have the makings of a decent quarter.


    • I think a guy that puts in his profile that he is a 15 year old girl has illustrated enough issues even before typing his first profanity laden missive using ALL CAPS. The rest is just to be expected.

    • As a rule of thumb, if a guy writes his entire message in CAPS, he is NUTS.

    • This is from aziosthebest
      16-dec-06 09:21 am i tried to tell all u a$$holes around 124.50-rimm was baseing--no i got blasted from all u stupid cunts--then on wednesday rimm failed to break 125( 6--yes) times i told u all dumbnutsuckers rimm was ready to bust a move up--no got blasted again...if u fucs want to trade like me (a pro) learn to read a chart like a pro(me)-----so if u lost money on your options and short it is ur own fault--all those puts from last thursday to this wednesday were golden--if u let it slip away--good for you greedy fucs.all i have to say is ------i fucing told u so at 124.50--rimm was going up..

      sentiment : strong buy

    • What the hell this is going to do to crooked MM who has money by truckload and determined to control the market. I don't think retail customers for RIMM is substantial. The business customers are the golden egg.

      • 1 Reply to marketaddict2003
      • Investors, please remember the most important thing for RIMM. It is NOT the US market that CAN bring this stock up to this level. If it is only the US market then this stock would be around $50 - $80.

        It is the NEW INTERNATIONAL MARKET both CHINA & INDIA drives this stock CRAZYLIY up. It is a fact that what Jim said, "You will never know why this stock is going up...". And you will see this before the first quarter of 2007.

        Chinese and Indian markets are XxTimes of US mobile market. When the stock was $96, I read about one analyst this stock could go to $250. It could be right. When I had visited India recently, I saw backberry's from AirTel with many "small businesss" engineers and even the guy who work in the construction/infrastructure site and in small sales office.

        When I mean small business means like small shop like subway, doctors offices, construction companies etc (whose business is less than $10000 a year) . A year back I used to see the blackberry only with the TOP software professionals (like atleast at the directors level mostly with the software companies/professions ). But now since all the sectors are growing, having a blackberry "most trusted device" is increasing substantially.

        Unlike US, the blackberry's are way expensive in India (to the tune of $700+ - due to the high import duties) , and people trade their existing phones with the new phones models. This is never heard off in US.

        The Sales growth is totally unpredictable. A month back, there was a news in, the cell phone growth (I guess for Oct 2006) in India alone was more than 6 millon (If I remember correctlty) surpassing CHINA.

        And hence, RIMM is good to hold long. Shorts may be benefited for a shorter period of ride.

        All the best to the shorts and longs.

    • Re: Channel Check


      I did my own channel check.

      The North Shore Mall, north of Boston.....The same thing...Black Jack...selling greater than Pearl!!

      It's funny how the analysts tell us something different, how great Pearl is selling?

      Who is looking thru rose colored glasses here?

      It really doesn't matter if their selling this quarter..


      The initial fill to the stores...Now that the product has been shipped.

      Rimm already has it marked in the sales column as an accounts receivable.

      It will be a while before Rimm ships more Pearls fill the channel...The initial a huge sale!!!

      It's what you get on re-orders!!

      That is the true sales number!!.

      Not the channel stuffing going on here!!.

      Sad story ��on how many be caught long here!!..

      You can��t all get out at once��same as the shorts!!

      • 2 Replies to supergoplayer
      • One of the best and sensible posting ever read here, but the problem here is till rimm keeps lying, mm and institution keep pumping and finding bagholders, anything is possible for this fraud to continue, and when mafia decides to swing it - after sucking blood from we shorts they will drop it and suck it from longs.

      • One of the best and sensible posting ever read here, but the problem here is till rimm keeps lying, mm and institution keep pumping and finding bagholders, anything is possible for this fraud to continue, and when mafia decides to swing it - after sucking blood from we shorts they will drop it and suck it from longs.

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