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  • tom_nocruise tom_nocruise Jul 28, 2007 12:13 AM Flag

    Telling you from my Experience

    Hi Lori,

    Glad to hear you have done so well. I am searching for a mentor. If you have any interest, please let me know.


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    • I agree with Lori, if you short at 225-227, you have made decent profit, but prepare to cover and enjoy the ride on Monday before rebound. Please make sure to check my comments, and you will know if I am a crystal ball teller.

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      • I have been reading all the posts.
        Some of you seem to be insulting others. WHY?

        By your saying it will go up to 250 or down to 150 means nothing - and will have no effect on the stock. We all are
        small investors with Big Boys as the opponents.

        Big Boys like expensive toys/things and they almost never loose.

        BTW, I covered at 219 for a nice profit - wish had waited until yesterday - then again I did not have Inside Information.
        So, Shorting did pay once again for me - I did make profit on being Long too!

        I did trade GRMN yesterday - bought at 78.50 sold at 81.25.
        Profit: 1800.

        I also traded BX on Thursday - in and out - for a profit of 2100.

        I do think RIMM will come down a lot - but I do not have any Position in it at the moment.
        I did surpass my goal for the month.

        Don't get Greedy - it will BURN you.

        My take: If you are making 'enough' money, Get out of it so you can sleep well. Do not regret if a stock goes up or goes down a lot. It is not in your hands. You are playing against Market Makers and Analysts' - they work in conjunction.

        You should never have to say "What if...... "

        Good Luck to all of you - whether Long or Short.

      • Anyone read my comments, accurate enough, right? I told you, I can read through devil's mind. RIMM will touch $240.00 easily and soon, you may ask how do I know: I am telling you it is secret.

    • Lori:

      You were right! I did go up too fast and now it is down.

      I remember you saying you shorted and will wait to Cover.

      Did you cover as yet?

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      • Oh Yes, I covered long time ago for a very NICE profit.

        And I did say it will come down - just took a little longer than I expected.

        Since then I made several trades - Short and Long.

        I did not trade RIMM today - no position as of today.

        I think it will drop shortly to under 190 before split.

        I am now concentrating on BX and GRMN - daily trades ( sometimes I hang on for a day or two )

        Last night, I put a buy on BX at 24.30 for 1000 shares and got it - was tempted to buy at 25 but patience paid off. Will sell tomorrow at a loss of $300 or a profit of $300 - made up my mind.

        Must have traded BX over 6 times in 1 week for small profits from $250 to $1000 - It adds up.

        Have a nice day everyone.

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