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  • lori_knows lori_knows Aug 1, 2007 11:13 PM Flag

    I made 3 trades today and made $$$ - Short and Long!!


    Please note: I trade each and every day - over 100 trades per month. I do not consider myself a day trader but I do sometimes get in and out of stocks the same day.

    I check the Markets and put my Bid for how much I am willing to buy for or Sell Short for.

    If I 'get' it at my price, I usually ( 90% of the time ) put it up for buy to cover or sell right away.
    I do try to keep my losses around 5% - sometimes more( I usually use trailing stops ).

    I never get attached to a stock 'EMOTIONALLY' .
    Long or Short - I do not care. I do not care what CNBC or Cramer says.

    I buy/sell to make a living.

    I get up very early in the morning and do trade Pre-Market and After Hours.

    Read my previous posts under:TELLING YOU FROM MY EXPERIENCE.

    If you are loosing sleep over a stock, it is not worth it.
    Play the stock market with money you can afford to loose.

    My take on AAPL:

    I am long on AAPL and am loosing on it for now( about $2100). I bought it yesterday.

    Knowing Steve Jobs, I will hold till I make some profit.
    I do see it going over $200 in about a year.
    But I will not wait - as soon as I am making over $1000, I will get out of it.

    RE: CRM
    I do not know much about this stock. I did trade it a couple of times for a small profit.

    RE: BX
    I did make money on it and don't know much about it - except that the main guy sold most of his shares at 31 - even though IPO was around 35.
    If I were you and you are 'even', get out of it.

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