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  • warrenbuffett79 warrenbuffett79 Jan 7, 2011 11:57 AM Flag

    Could RIMM sell 10M to 20M Playbook a year?

    Many RIMM investors are afraid of Apple and Android competition,
    whenever there is a news about Apple and Android coming out, RIMM drops. Why? Because they are afraid of the "supper phones" of Apple and Android and they are keep coming more and more.

    But let me tell you why RIMM is not in a hurry to come out with the supper phone of RIMM itself yet with Playbook coming out soon.

    Think about what a supper phone like iPhone and Android phone can do:
    Yes, it has tens of thousands of small apps so you could buy as much as you want if you are rich or if you hack iPhone and install as much as you want, it seems these supper phones can do everything and they are like a supper computer on your hand.

    But really you can't do anything with these supper phones, why?
    The limitation of the small screen, even with the largest touch screen smart phone, you only has about 4" screen,

    it's too small to browse the internet, you could hardly see the text and you will have to zoom in and out again and again to view even a small piece of news on internet;

    it's too small to read a book, it will kill your eyes with such small screen and small text very soon;

    it's too small to watch a movie or play a real large game, it will kill your eyes very soon.

    So it really can't do anything supper for you, then why people are crazy about supper smart phones? What do they really need?
    What they really need is not a supper smart phone with such a small screen but a real portable supper device which could browse the internet, watch the movies, read a book and play large games comfortably without hurting their eyes and it must bu real multitasking.

    That's why Apple came out with iPad, this is a brillient idea I had to admit, the screen is large and perfect, but there are two fetal problem about iPad:

    1. It's too big and heavy, even a strong man could not hold it with two hands for long, so it's not really a portable device and 95% of iPad user has no choice but leave it at home or office.
    There are sometimes when I saw people holding an iPad in public, I couldn't help to laugh although I knew it was rude, but really it was funny, it's too big and too heavy to carry.

    2. iPad is not real multitasking, its latest iOS 4.2 is fake multitasking, far from real, Apple just want to fool the world again, but it couldn't. Before iOS 4.2, you couldn't even listen to the music at the same time doing anything else, with iOS 4.2, now you could do that but that's it, most of the apps could not be run as real multitasking since the core of iOS does not really support multitasking. This is un-acceptable on such a so-called supper computer, everybody knows the story of Windows how it stand out with real multitasking and took over the world over UNIX.
    Now it's the same for RIMM, Apple and Android are not able to come up with a real multitasking OS in at least two years IMO.

    Android multitasking is awful since it simply leave all the tasks in the momory so very soon you will have to restart the machine and there is no real multitasking management.

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    • This is soo pathetic. Playbook kills the iPad? In your dreams rookie

    • LOL. oh how i miss warrenbuffett. he probably can't even afford his internet connection anymore off the expected bankruptcy he experienced from riding the stock down 30 handles and getting hit with margin calls.

    • < It's too big and heavy, even a strong man could not hold it with two hands for long, so it's not really a portable device and 95% of iPad user has no choice but leave it at home or office.>

      The iPad is not meant to be a portable device, although many use it as one. It's meant to be an APPLIANCE computer. One that you can sit in your easy chair, carry from room to room, etc. It is a casual device that was originally meant as a media consumption device. However creative developers have made it into a very practical creation device as well.

      < iPad is not real multitasking, its latest iOS 4.2 is fake multitasking, far from real, Apple just want to fool the world again, but it couldn't. >

      Oh, please. Apple has been making multi tasking software for decades. Multi-tasking on a battery powered device is just not efficient and silly. All of the basic multitasking you need to do (surf net, listening to music while talking on phone, etc) were in iOS from Day One. Sorry, but there is very little need for a game or video to keep playing when you need to answer the phone or respond to text message. Apple designs products as if they will use them for themselves, not because it can be done.

      This is like the old argument that iPods didn't have FM radio. They still don't.

      RIM's co-tards even admitted that they don't see the advantage of the iPad or the larger screen. Then it was too late.

      “So the question you have ask yourself is when it comes to tablet, what market or what opportunities still it’s solving, what problem is it solving, and is it just a replacement laptop. I think that’s a difficult one to judge. But I think again if you look at what’s happening with smartphones are getting bigger, screens are getting bigger and getting more powerful and faster CPUs, more memory, we go in the 4G networks, we’ve got Wi-Fi, it’s just got everything, the operating systems are becoming more, more powerful, the tools are becoming more, more powerful, more applications are being developed, and are being used in more and more both enterprise and consumer spaces. So, I think at this point if you have to take the whole thing into consideration, you can’t say what’s the market for tablets in exclusion of the other devices, you have to put the whole thing together and I don’t think it’s that clear yet.”
      Mike Lazaridis, Co-CEO, Research In Motion, Inc, 16 April 2010

      ”For those of us who live outside of Apple’s distortion field, we know that 7″ tablets will actually be a big portion of the market and we know that Adobe Flash support actually matters to customers who want a real web experience. We also know that while Apple’s attempt to control the ecosystem and maintain a closed platform may be good for Apple, developers want more options and customers want to fully access the overwhelming majority of web sites that use Flash. We think that customers are getting tired of being told what to think by Apple.”
      Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO, Research In Motion, 20 October 2010

    • will it ever be possible that you will see reality or just be forever stuck in the delusional reality of thinking Rimm is more useful, creative and better than the iPhone. Get a grip!

    • Impossible
      RIMM can't even sell 1M playpoops

    • Well Rimm SHIPPED 700,000 Playbooks in the first 6 months, isn't that ALMOST 10-20 MILLION?

      Its as close in Rimmtardia as the $60-70 guaranteed buyout & the $100-200 share price that is coming SOON.



      A quick click on warren's name shows he is spending time on the Yahoo board. Not sure if he is a bull or a bear, but I can guarantee you, he is on the wrong side of the trade.

    • Why not?

    • I say yes, 1M in Q1 already before releasing...

      • 1 Reply to warrenbuffett79
      • I think if RIMM can sel 10M Playbook,it will be big advanzage for RIMM.
        I was totali bulish for Apple when they stared with Ipad,but I thought that it will be on 300$ in June.
        But Apple was 200 B company at that time ,and Blackberry is 39 B company,so 10 M Playbook is huge boost for RIMM.
        I do not like RIMM phones now,but they coul improved soon.
        And for Playbook,they should sell in 2 or 3 versions and dimension from the start,lioke I red that HTC will do.
        Why not 10 inch or even 12 inh,beside Playbook,they need Workbook too :)

    • Playbook will kill iPad and iPad 2.
      iPad 2 will be a joke when it comes out the same time as Playbook.

      It's just a toy.

      More and more people will learn what real multitasking is and realize that Apple is fooling the world with its toy products.

      Developers will move to new platforms and migrate their apps as well.

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