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  • anal.lyst anal.lyst May 6, 2011 11:04 AM Flag

    Waiting for the Apple to Fall

    "Apple (AAPL), having achieved critical mass in the market place, is about to get hit by the same waves of viruses, worms, trojans and other species of malware that plague the world of Microsoft (MSFT) Windows.

    Our favorite:

    While Microsoft's vulnerabilities might let intruders into the castle, Apple is giving them the keys to the kingdom and rolling out the welcome mat.

    Apple also happens to make the world's most popular music devices: iPods. Essentially large hard drives, they also have the potential to deliver all kinds of security threats into any environment, even Windows. Once a virus infiltrates the iPod, plug and play becomes plug and plague. Did anyone really believe the security nirvana for Apple would last? It's now more vulnerable than ever, and things can only get worse.

    -- Bob Johnson, CNet, May 2006: "Say Good-Bye to Apple Security?":

    You seem to have left something out.

    This quote is from a post DUMPING on so-called experts, many form windoze centric publications, that have been predicting problems for the Mac OS since 2002.

    9 YEARS later it still hasn't happened.

    Why? 'Cause Mac OS 10 IS secure.

    Could it be hacked?

    Of course, just as ANY lock can be picked if given enough time & incentive, so can ANY OS. But OS 10 is very secure & is upgraded often.

    And your BS about the LACK of OS 10 targets is just that, BS. Mac OS 10 computers increased 28% last quarter, continuing a trend that has strenghtened since 2004, Windoze computer sales have been dismal.

    So all-in-all your post(s) on this subject are worthless.

    But what can one expect from one of the leading Rimmtards?


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