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  • jpinvestor89 jpinvestor89 Sep 16, 2011 9:50 AM Flag

    RIMM will go back to above $30+

    This company has high valuation and still makes big money this quarter and beyond.

    RIMM will go to above $30+ or even $40 in the short term.


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    • jimmy.lin Sep 20, 2011 12:04 AM Flag

      Just because I have 10,000 shares, I am long RIM?!? What kind of stupid logic is that?! For every dollar it goes up, I make $10,000! DId this 2 weeks ago, and now I am driving a 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo!!! I wonder what I am going to buy next?! Not trying to ruin your "business" here Stonehead, but my way of making money is not the same as yours, but it doesn't make it WRONG! We are all here to make Money, and frankly the things you say don't phase me one bit. You call these people that disagree with you "Rimmtards", but did you ever stop to think, if there are no "Rimmtards", you will be broke?!

    • two posts ago you said you're not long RIMM. now you're saying you own 10K shares.

      so which is it?

    • jimmy.lin Sep 19, 2011 10:58 PM Flag

      you know what Stonehead! You got me man! I am going to sell all 10,000 shares of my RIM stock that I bought at $23 for $15! Just so that you can be right! Good RIM bashing man! It really worked on me!

    • apple apple apple apple 530+

    • no cares about a $21 to $32 bear rally. it's been two years since the stock made a higher high.

      people care about $85 to $24.

      you know, the big picture? you know, the secular health of a company? you know, the pragmatic interpretation?

    • rimmtard,

      a) i said why balsallie nor his other half would step down. you didn't refute it.

      b) who said anything about canada? it's pretty clear where the #1 margins exist.

      c) we've been "warned" that AAPL's is a bubble since $200. again, you rimmtards fight trend. i don't. you average down. i average up.

      d) funny how you're more bullish than the RIM ER was. what don't you understand about a company that sequentially guides down and then can't even beat lowered expectations?

      i'm willing to wait another 3 months to embarrass you and ilk again. history's not on your side. don't think RIM's some magical turnaround story that's somehow flying under the smart money's radar.

    • jimmy.lin Sep 19, 2011 7:55 PM Flag

      I wasn't even interested in RIM until they droped down to $23. So if you think I am somebody else, you are sadly mistaken. I just find it amusing to come here and kill some time, and see if the points in my head is wrong, hoping for some real reasons, not some basher's point of view. I would refute your point, if I knew what your points were, like why it's not possible that one of the Co-Chair steps down? or Why a buy out is not possible. There are plenty of iphone 4 here in Canada if you would like to buy one, they are definitely not short in supply, and wait till the iphone 5 comes out and disappoints everyone, then you will see APPL drop down to $300. Everyone is shorting APPL just in case you didn't realize that today. You are doing great job being a basher by the way, I am really entertained. keep it coming.

    • go back and re-read my posts. i closed my posts @ $28 after the initial gap down on 6/16.

      congrats on actually being one of few sensible longs to take profits (yeah right). most don't and give it all back.

      instead of crying about me disagreeing, be a man and refute my points.

      your emo-ism and drawing extremes (e.g., "retire then") on the subject explains why you keep creating a new alias.

      but go ahead and continue to put money in a continual loser and i'll be over here with a proven winners.

    • Large hotels and US government will go with Rimm. Did you know that?

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