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  • anal.lyst anal.lyst Dec 15, 2011 12:48 PM Flag

    The man on TV said RIMM was worth $40 on a take-over bid

    "That was just for the patents alone not counting their cash and other assets which bring he price way up near 40.00 moron! Be stupid and stay long moron. I want an @s/s/h/ole pig like you to lose all your money when the buy out happens."

    You're the Moron jbbear.

    When a tech company is bought out what premium is offered?

    It is seldom more than 50% over the last price & almost never more than 75%.

    And that's for a tech company that is a RISING star; not one heading for the tech garbage can.

    What does that make a Rimm offer?

    Since Rimmtardian math is woefully backwards I'll tell you.

    $22.50 to $27!!!

    Only the new King of Rimmtardia would predict a buy out at 2-3 times the present price, but that's how you attained your exalted station as Rimmtardian King.


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