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  • billkossler billkossler Feb 15, 2012 11:39 PM Flag

    What's happened to Apple's OS???

    While I love my Blackberry Bold 9900 and new PlayBook which works flawlessly, I am growing increasingly frustrated with my Apple computer.

    There is something terribly wrong with Apple's new OS that is supposed to be the future of Apple and while you hear the endless pumps in the media and stylish advertising campaign (which is becoming nauseating) of how great Apple is, the reality is, their enormous sales of products to people who followed the herd are likely going to become as angry, and soon done with Apple as I am now. These small tests in Enterprise being blown up as a total switch to iPhone over Blackberry for example are all skewed and false. No one is ridding their corporations and Enterprises of Blackberry, rather distributing small percentages of iPhones to certain employees as sort of a test and these "tests" will backfire horrifically and they will soon go back to 100% Blackberry rather than 95% Blackberry and 5% Android and iPhone. Those will soon be a past phase.

    While Apple's sales were huge last quarter, I expect the revelation of being completely duped by false perception of a superior product with an unjustified price tag to boot, will be just as huge going forward by the endless problems and frustrations that I myself am having along with every other person I know complaining about the new OS for Apple and the endless problems with their devices.

    Apple's OS is not "new" but rather, they are pushing the limits as far as they can with "iOS" (i.e. NeXT Software" which is an OLD technology and now doing so in the form of Snow Leopard and Lion OSX (the apparent future of Apple's OS.) Thus, the original platform they built Apple on is now overwhelmed, cluttered, slow and severely problematic.

    It took them over 20 years to sell 55 million computers and now they are shoving these devices into a new format of what is the the new wave of "mobile" but for Apple unfortunately, their surprise will be that they caught the wave of a fad and it will end there, it's about to end soon in my opinion, it's already happening before anyone knows it.

    The countless hours I've spent trying to get in touch with tech support, reading blogs to find solutions, which never work, having to replace a power cord, not getting emails now through their system is a huge waste of my time. The government agencies getting into this format have no idea what they are in for and got duped by the "follow the herd" mentality.

    No, Apple is not a great or superior product by any means. Their advertising and marketing campaign is all that is Apple now. They will die a slow death now without Steve Jobs. They just don't get it. I used to love the feeling of using Apple, now it has only wasted my time, productivity and I can't even get my emails now on the new Snow Leopard / Lion OSX which cost me more money to have to upgrade to new Microsoft Office because suddenly the new OS would not open my previous programs I'd already paid for, saying they no longer support Microsoft, thus numerous upgrades to install the "new" Microsoft programs that Apple's new OS supports, and now the entire user experience is a nightmare. Slow, inconsistent, no email, power cord died, and the list goes on and on. I won't even begin to get into the reasons I dumped my iPhone.

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    • Feel free to mark my words. QNX will fail. Yes that is right, QNX will fail on mobile devices. Lets not even pretend that it will evolve into a computing platform.

      I would love to walk into a store to see what improvements RIM has made to the operating system (BBX) since my last test drive of the playbook, but unfortunately I can't test it because nobody cares about the device enough to keep it functional and updated, much less stock it.

      BTW, the Mac has not turned into an iPad by any stretch. There is nothing that I can't do on my Mac that I can do on my windows PC (with the exception of down time for virus protection as well as error messages that must be sent to MSFT)

    • So you're using Lion OSX. And you like that but don't lime QNX. I'll tell you right now I'm using my PlayBook over my Mac computer and THAT is an an awesome experience. No, change is not difficult, comparing the removal of a hardware "floppy drive" to turning the Mac into an iPad with a keyboard (go compare the App Store on Lion to the app store of PlayBook). ... Which has more apps and which are better?

      Funny how everyone complains about lack of Blackberry apps but you never hear a word about the lack of Lion apps. Apple ruined my love for them and the trackpad thing is a joke and hard on the wrist.

    • Mac OS X
      Version 10.7.3

      Processor 2.5 GHz Intel Core I5

    • Okay, joel, so what does it say when you click on the apple icon (I'm making this easy for you) and then click "About this Mac" ...what window pops up and what does it say?

    • never had an issue for one second with my ipad or my iphone or my imac..never..that why i dropped the extra cash i was sick and tired of pc and its problems...

    • no one knows what your talking about your unglued and you longs who have lost a bundle cant draq me into your vortex.have no idea what your saying and the only reason you wont post your rimm postion is because its a disastor.were so done i dont play that high school nonsense in here go find a simpleton to go take your have no importance to me your just a pixel who lost a lot of more replies to you i have no time for high school a trade for once

    • If you are looking for a civilized discussion. I am a recent iMac buyer and i have never been happier with my purchase. I have OSX and I also have Office for Mac. I also use a Windows 7 Pc at work and if I had my choice, every computer I use will be a Mac.

      It appears that some diehard backward looking users are crying foul that the new OS is becoming seamlessly integrated with the iPad, iPhone. It all makes sense from a business standpoint and will reap dividends to Apple in the long run.

      I still remember when Apple users threw a fit that the Mac would get rid of a floppy disk. Sometimes change is difficult but beneficial.

    • Yep, tguns, you're not only a fraud, but a complete lying sociopath. Thanks for proving that loud and clear.

    • i have an emachines i uae a usb..i have a brand new modem i found at a swap market ...i have windows 7.......and i love aol.

    • Interesting. Something is definitely going on weird with Apple that I think is being covered up, but if you talk to people in the real worlds, you get an entirely fpdifferent story. I hear nothing but complaints about the iPhone, the list is too long to mention. Horrific Battery life, slow as heck, unable to make calls are just a few of the issues I keep hearing.

      But this post is interesting because my friend called me the other day after upgrading to Lion thinking it would help her meet a deadline. She was screaming and in tears and literally threw her computer out the window, Us Latinos, we have the temper, but she will never use Apple again after that. If only a few people are mentioning it here then in the real world it must be millions.

      Well, I just checked Apple support threads... Yes, everyone seems to be having numerous problems with their Apple products. I just feel bad for the slave labor camps where those poor kids are suffering trying to make these things and the shocking number of suicides of these people building Apple products. Why?

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