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  • jcrossingham May 3, 2012 8:41 PM Flag

    A reminder to the phuckschticks on this feed

    RIMM has spent more money buying viable companies and patent intangibles over the past 3 years than the current market cap of the company. Mike has done more philanthropically in his career than you'll all ever do collectively.
    Apple used to be the bastion of ingenuity and cultural pioneering... Now they are all about protecting their lead and preserving market share. Phuck them, post Jobs, and phuck any company that suppresses ideas to maintain profits. And phuck you, paid posters who suck nightly at the package of Beezlebub. Your day is coming. Thorstein has come in with calm, certainty and resolve, and everyone sees it, feels it. He did not spend 20 years at Seimens to move to Waterloo and phuck up RIMM. He is the Archangel, coming in to put the shame and horror on the detractors. Canada creates honorable companies. Germany makes the best business leaders. Bashers suck deep at your Master' s nether regions, for your days of sustenance are numbered. Steinbeck said that business is a "curious ritualized thievery." RIMM is bringing a superior product to market, honorably and innovatively. Your self-serving articulations of feces that espouse the contrary are trite, disreputable, emotionally and intellectually destitute, and destined for squalor in perdition. Breathe deep the clean air, because what you have coming in purgatory is thickly suffused with feces, mucous, bile and vomit.

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