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  • amandalalala amandalalala Jun 6, 2012 9:38 AM Flag

    longs, pls file daily complaint to SEC on manipulations

    rim shares have been manipulated

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    • Also, be sure to send a complaint to FINRA as well.

      FINRA's website is: and to ask them to investigate into possible naked short selling, email address is whistleblower (at) .

      Yes of course shorts have every right to short RIMM and make a fortune. but this outwardly dumping of sell orders at market open, or a continuous methodical dumping in increments of every 3 to 5 to 10 minutes is stock manipulation.

      Yesterday shorts were desparate to keep RIMM down under $10.00 and so within 90 minutes of the market open, volume was nearly half the normal day's volume and it is happening again to keep RIMM down.

      Yes, MM's acquiring RIMM shares on the cheap by keeping the price low. It's all about keeping RIMM shareprice down, it's a total war right now by someone to destroy RIM, to scare away RIM investors and to trash RIM's loyal blackberry customers. The more RIMM's shareprice goes down, the better AAPL looks and makes RIM customers more likely to look at iPHones.

      It's a total war out there folks to destroy RIM and ground Blackberry customers into the ground. They certainly are well organized, well financed, ruthless and relentless and will stop at nothing to push RIM into the sea. That's what it's all about, right shorts? to completely trash and destroy RIM's business, not just make some bucks shorting the stock.

      so far SEC could care less, they're understaffed and don't have resources to look into this since it happens everyday with so many other stocks.

    • Ahhh how cute they let you out of the kitchen long enough to lose some money in the stock market. Leave investing to the men toots. What are you up to this weekend babe?

      • 1 Reply to hahastocks
      • "ur a bitter moron, u sound like ur one of those complacent losers that rim fired"

        Since you continually & endlessly rage at shorts like a rabid Rimmbecile, do you think you could take a little time out and learn to spell "you" & "are"?

        This continual "u" & "ur" in your posts make you look like a----well intensely stupid Rimmbecile.

        OTOH, the quality or the reasoning in your posts says it all

        Carry on.


    • murrayhillbook Jun 6, 2012 9:42 AM Flag

      The SEC is a joke, Just look at what they did in the Madoff scandal. This has got to be the most manipulated stock of the century.

    • RIMM shares have not been manipulated you moron, they are just going down because of selling and you own some.

      By bothering the SEC you will only cause it to go down even more as they will find other things to look into.

      Stop trading and go find a job seriously. Or short this, I do not know how much more obvious you need it to be - it has done this for 2 years and will continue to do so!

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