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    @@ Told you RIMM under $11 is a BARGAIN @@

    MF wrote:

    I have written a couple other blogs including my thoughts on RIM, which are that it’s not as bad off as many people like to say it is fundamentally. This most recent drop in price is a perfect example of the market valuing a stock below its tangible asset value because of how truly hated it has become. The positive side to this is if it can, which seems recently to have become a big if, successfully release its new operating system and handsets have a real turn around. I am not saying an Apple like turnaround, when Apple went from being a $40 a share company to where it is now.

    I do see though a lot of potential in its global growth outside of North America and Europe and if it can recapture a couple percentage points of market share over in the short term it can rebound solidly. It does have the cash to hold on through a couple quarters of losses and bad weather, but RIM really needs to demonstrate something soon to show that it is worth something. Since its executive shake-up it has demonstrated the willingness to move on from its past and look forward. The hiring of outside banks to help it with strategic planning, a change in CEO and many executives from the old guard departing does bode well for the company to be able to make the change necessary to rebound.

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