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  • slickvguy slickvguy Aug 15, 2012 1:02 AM Flag

    Good idea - removable battery

    EXCELLENT! I am VERY pleased to hear about the removable battery. Just that one feature alone makes it a buy for a lot of users (including me) for various reasons.

    I won't be watching videos on my smartphone, so it should be able to last through the day w/ plenty of juice left, but I want to have TWO batteries so that one is always fully charged. Just makes it easier to alternate between the two or have a backup.

    Heins is doing a much better job the past week or so. He has said a number of things that make a lot of sense. RIM having 6 phones is perfect: keyboard and fullscreen version of high/med/low market. That's all that is needed. Keep it simple.

    The fact that he won't comment on IBM tells me that particular rumour is true. But I maintain that RIM will not be sold anytime soon. There is no need to sell. When the stock is back at $20, and they get offers for $30, maybe then. ;)

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    • Slick,

      It is also beyond phone. BB10 OS is for machines. Future is machine to machine communication. This is just a start.

      To enable 6 phones because of the new radio technology that can work with multiple frequencies.

      Wait for some leaks from the 5-week carrier road show with the BB10 phones :)

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