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  • septcalls06 septcalls06 Sep 26, 2012 12:24 AM Flag

    My reasoning for expecting more pain...

    First, thanks for the reply, you make some very good points.

    For the record however, I'm an American currently living in Canada (Calgary to be exact) so when I say I know no one wanting to stay with RIMM I'm speaking from some (albeit localized) experience in both Canada and the US.

    I don't discount that they will sell phones in the developing markets, but I don't expect the same gusto as if those subscribers were in the US, hence I look at a 2 million subscriber increase and still see an overall loss in terms of units the company can push out the door.

    I just don't see any way for this company to move back into profitability and remain there. I imagine they will have a profitable FQ4 2013 and FQ1 2014 with the release of BB10, but the subscriber base won't be enough to push the app market anywhere and without suitable apps the phone will die off again. So yes, you are probably right in saying there is quite a bit of money to be made on the upside of this stock, but it's not yet. They had nothing this last quarter to make me think their numbers will be even what Wall St is looking for. With that being said, I do own some calls to hedge my downside potential.

    And for the comment below about Cisco's teleconferencing functionality, that is an exceptional idea, and I would benefit as much as many as my company uses a Cisco IP telephony system, but as one of the masses walking into an ATT or Telus store (depending on what side of the border I'm on that day) I don't see that being a swaying factor for me personally. Especially when my company already has a conference call system in place that is independent of the Cisco network.

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