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  • beavertailcanada beavertailcanada Oct 18, 2012 8:14 PM Flag

    Connected Mobile and tablet are the key growth area for the next 5 years

    As evidenced by the Micorosoft earnings tonight and my own personal experience, PC is dying. Mobile computing will be big. Tablets and mobiles are the growth area.

    More importantly, RIM offers a connected mobile and tablet which is a sweet combination. Think the 4.2" mobile screen too small, bridge to the Playbook to get a 7" screen. if there is still not big enough, hook up the HDMI to a big screen TV!

    RIM has the right products and these Playbook and BB phones will do the turn around for the company.

    Microsoft, in my opinion has made a strategic mistake in trying to make PC-tablet-mobile to have the same user interface. It gets the worst of both worlds. Its tablet and mobile has to inherit the bulkiness of Windows 8 an the PC user has to learn a completely new touch oriented interface on a non-touch PC. Big disaster.

    Apple tablet and mobile are not connected. Neither are Android.

    RIM has a niche with its Playbook and BB phones.

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    • RIM longs predicting future tech trends is like asking the Amish for their opinions. 3 years ago if you were on this board and suggested that tablets would displace PC's you were shot down. I still remember rimtards saying that the Ipad and tablets had no chance and were a fad. It was claimed that the iPad would never sell because if you have $499 you would just buy a netbook "which can do so much more". Heck even RIM's CEO is on record saying as much.

      It is good to see that RIM longs have now progressed to the point where Apple Bulls were 3 years ago.

      So, now that longs acknowledge that it is no longer a smartphone war and is instead a computer war. How do you like RIM's chances competing against computer behemoths with endless supplies of cash and decades of expertise designing world class software?

    • Spot on mr Beaver. Just looked at your beaverim1 with twitter, and you have many good links again today. Thanks, and please keep it up.

    • Correct.
      But you're leaving out the best part. In 2013, RIM will release a BB10 10" LTE tablet with a keyboard. Say goodbye to PC and laptops. I'm a diehard desktop PC user, but at that point, I think even I would throw in the towel. I've never liked laptops. Have had a few of them over the years. Got rid of them. Too many negatives (absolutely HATE the touchpad). But a lightweight, touchscreen, multitasking o/s, w/ keyboard, 64GB flash, USB ports for printer and other devices, and always connected to the internet via wifi or cell. What else do you need? A good browser, apps, and cloud(s).

      Oh. And security. ;)

      If only RIM had SIZE and knew how to market properly. That's where hopefully a partnership comes into play. Forget microsoft. I'm convinced they're too stupid to see the future properly. They are too stupid to buy RIM. But there are other BIG players who would make a good fit with RIM. I've never been one to buy the takeover hype, but I still think that RIM will not make it through 2013 alone. Not that they can't. Just that they won't.

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      • I keep telling my kids, do not put the laptop on your lap or on bed. It is the #1 reason for cause of death for laptops - ventilation suffocation. That's how my 7 year old laptop is still running on XP by popping up the back with a small cork to provide more air clearance..

        I love the Playbook Tablet as it has no vent. I can put it down anywhere. So it goes with me everywhere.

        10" PlayBook with keyboard would be sweet. It can have a full size keyboard. I have not tried the 7" PlayBook keyboard. It looks too small for me...clumsy fingers perhaps.

        Is RIM playing smart and let everyone rush out with their products and pricing, then they come out with the LTE Playbook deployment in the US just before the holiday season? Are they building up LTE inventory hence no WiFi stock? Are the US carriers finished with their LTE Playbook testing? Or themselves LTE ready? UK is not ready till next year. I find this very interesting.

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      • Agree!

        Sentiment: Buy

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