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  • jxkchicago jxkchicago Nov 7, 2012 10:46 PM Flag

    Faucette will be out of a job when BB10 is released

    Add Misek to the list!

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Doesn't surprise me a bit. After Misek lost his credibility, someone else has to come in to replace him. Today is a perfect day for the bear attack as the general market is down, good day for the bear to do a pile on.

      These analysts do not go beyond skin deep. They don't understand any technical details. A phone to them is just a piece of glass. They only know to look at the past and do channel check. Duh, of course it's not doing well in US. I could have told you that, even Heins himself. US will be RIM'S focus to regain US market share with BB10.

      I predict bear will try to push it down more tomorrow by shorting then a reversal.

      In two days, we'll see what the shorts have done up to End of October.

      Each day goes by, shorts will be more pressing to manipulate.

      Did I not hear analyst calling for $1000 Apple. Then lately, $710, all these while it is dropping. They say iphone backlog. They don't say what Foxconn says the iPhone 5 is difficult to make so they are not producing the quantity expected. It is not manufacturable!

      Analysts have their own agenda. They don't provide free investment advice.

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