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  • jackman2804 jackman2804 Nov 12, 2012 4:47 PM Flag

    Rimm will do fine this quarter and next

    No Holiday Sales!!!! Count On It. Why????

    Well if you are a die hard fan, then you will buy nothing untill this so called BB10 comes out and proves itself. Besides which BB phone would you buy or upgrade to at this point. NADA.

    Rimm has to keep the customers from jumping ship, so they keep putting out tid bits of info, enough to keep the last of the fans hanging on. Maybe around theend of March you will see a phone on the store shelf for you to try.

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    • If a phone is a phone is a phone to you, then you might have something.

      You guys make this holiday as the end of the world. As if there will be no one buying anything or contract renewal the day after Christmas.

      Is there a DEEP freeze after Christmas that I don't know about? Are all the future ten years consumer purchases all going to be done before this Christmas? I must be the last one to know.

      You bashers, do you know how ridiculous you sound, not as a reasonable adult but like irrational children.

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