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  • allpapertrade allpapertrade Nov 14, 2012 6:52 AM Flag

    BB Voice = BB Fail

    I don't think so. If BB10 shows better success than NOK phones then Skype which is a division of MSFT will join BB platform it is simple as that. Having said that Rimm is working on alternatives. The same way iphone 5 is working for alternative to Google map.

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    • It seems to me that Microsoft has been keeping their Skype from RIM for strategic reason.

      For the Playbook, there is a nice telephone calling/video calling/conference calling app called ComWave ePhone which offers a lot more than Skype. First it gives you a free telephone # (Skype provides a telephone # if you are a paid customer). Second, ComWave offers you free calling to any telephone number in the entire North America. Skype is not even close to that.
      ComWave offers free calling around the world (60 countries) from ePhone to ePhone
      ComWave generates revenue when you want to call outside of North America to a regular #.

      Imagine ComWave will be available for the BB10. It is available for the Android phones and iPhone and iPad..

      Spread the word about ComWave. Skype is far inferior. I am sick and tired of people holding Skype up as some kind of gold standard for VOIP. It might have been years ago, not now!

      When people mention Skype, you should suggest ComWave.
      When people mention FaceTime, you should suggest Video Chat.
      When people mention iMap, you should suggest Osmand (an online/offline map and online/offline routing)
      When people mention iMusic, you should suggest the Music Store.
      When people mention iVideo, you should suggest the Video Store.

    • that's a whole lot of conjecture in one paragraph.

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