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  • bagholderfrom705 bagholderfrom705 Nov 14, 2012 9:39 AM Flag

    Button to flip between apps: Apple = fail

    It Apple still using little buttons to get between apps? Application switching no less. Kinda like Rim's old Java based OS,when you had to use a track ball or wheel.. At least that old Java based OS could multitask.

    Still holding my bagsack at 705. bwaaaa ahahahahhaha

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    • Remember last month I was asked to fix friend\s iPad2. The Home button was NON-RESPONSIVE from about a year of pressing. I had to show her the five fingers grab trick to go back to the home screen.

      That home button is a weak link for sure. I can't help but think how long it will last on that weak (fragile) and skinny iPhone5. Foxconn CEO said it is hard to build iPhone5 with its small components (read: human fingers have certain minimum size), daunt iPhone5's vanity of thinness makes it almost non-manufacturrable, at least with the human slave robots. So today Foxconn announced they are installing real robots in China.

      I saw the side by side photos of BB10 and the iPhone5. Both have similar form factor for one hand operation. What stick out is the iPhone5 home button...screaming...break me, break me then buy me again in a year, consumers love to pay money!!!

      BB10 has no button in the front face, a clean and elegant look.

    • You idiots fail to realize that Apple has allowed you to swipe between apps for 1.5 years with multitouch. You don't even need to use the home button for anything. Nor any other button like volume or sleep mode. You can even program your own gestures to do anything you want.

      Only RImtards swipe to peek is a feature because you also thought the playbook swiping was revolutionary too. The market squashed that idea.

    • iPhone owners have no idea what you mean by multitasking. Help them out here for god's sake man.

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