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  • uahjunk uahjunk Nov 14, 2012 1:12 PM Flag

    A BB10 Countdown Clock app for download

    Reader rabbit still doesn't get it.

    RIMM announced it would be delayed so they could "get it done right" and would be released in 1Q 2013.

    RIMM recently announced it would be released towards the front of the quarter - Jan 30, 2013.

    I guess you are waiting on iPhone5S where they make the background blink?

    BB10 is a ground-up redesign of the OS with new functionality. Its not some re-hashed iOS piece-of-crap that hasn't changed basic functionality since iOS2.

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    • BB10 is the same operating system as the playbook. The renaming of it coupled with delay after delay is intended to make people forget that it is the same operating system that was a historic failure on the tablet.

      "Getting it right", means trying to conjure up a feature of two that brings it out of 2011 and into 2013.

    • If the iPhone is so re-hashed and such a piece-of-crap, how come it sells in the hundreds of millions while BlackBerry is less than 2.5% of the US market?

      Why do you imagine that anyone cares about anything RIMM does?

    • Whoopdi-friggin-do for bb10. It'll be just another RIM fail in a long line of RIM fails. These idiots are working on another "improved" Playbook. You gonna buy that, too? How about the active stylus they're planning? You haven't figured out they're clueless yet.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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