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  • stonecoldwellsfargo stonecoldwellsfargo Nov 14, 2012 4:46 PM Flag

    14 reasons to own RIM.

    01) Over 80 Million customer worldwide.

    and? 20 million of those are enterprise users. exponentially-declining units shipped number makes the sub number moot. retail uses ain't coming back.

    02) Blackberry brand.

    is losing marketshare. third world countries aren't going to save their margins.

    03) Number one in enterprise secure communication.

    losing that too. see: BOYD

    04) Patents worth at least $10 a share.

    worth $1B. not enough.

    05) Over $2B cash.

    was $3B a year ago.

    06) Zero debt.

    inconsequential. they're bringing in less and less revenue. read an earnings report.

    07) Cash flow of 4B a year.

    see above. no one cares.

    08) Book value of $18

    it was a lot higher when the company meant something.

    09) $4B market cap company compared to Nokia $10B and Apple $560B.

    is this supposed to be bullish? when AAPL loses $100B in market cap during a market correction, rimtards can't wait to pile on. can't have it both ways.

    10) BB10 will unravel the Androids and iOS ecosystems.

    conjecture. no one's leaving their existing phones for a blackberry.

    11) A Canadian company (the most stable economy in the world).

    non sequitur.

    12) RIM's FIPS 140-2 security certificate.


    13) Strategic partnerships.

    with who? and how many times have i downloaded something on my BB bold only to get the "device not supported" message.

    14) Buyout potential by Microsoft, Oracle, or Samsung.

    this pump's been exhausted.

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