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  • rimmstagnant rimmstagnant Nov 16, 2012 10:59 AM Flag

    Shorts - Increase your BB10 RIMM positions

    BB10 is to be launched on 1/30. Sales will commence within 30 days, depending on carriers - say 1st week of March.

    Will BB10 device sales show in current Q to be reported next month? No.
    Will BB10 device sales show in next Q to be reported in March 2013? No.

    Really? What will happen in the meantime? Subscriber count will go from 80M to 50Ms range. Cash will erode quickly on BB10 marketing and huge operating losses as exisiting device sales plummet.

    When BB10 sales start in March, we can look to that Q's earnings report in June for a actual sales volumes.

    Where will RIMM be by then? $5s or worst...

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    • Mr John Roberts, stop spreading lies.

      Why would you say subscriber base will shrink, it's almost doubled over the last year. RIMM is cash flow positive and if they didn't spend huge amounts on R&D they would make a profit, which they will next year. BB10 will be a big new player, as people are getting sick and tired of APPL and Android product, life goes in a big cycle, RIM may still end up on top after all of this. Look at APPLES track record, they were nearly bankrupt, until the new Iphone 1 came out, which has seen ZERO innovation since it's inception, other then some apps and camera upgrades.

      Why don't you short it my friend. We will see who's laughing next year.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to trader_007
      • Trader 007 or Mr Bond? I understand that you don't like my post, but can you offer us any insight as to where you think I'm being somehow untruthful or misleading? I've stated facts - there will be 2 Q earnings results before we see any tangible evidence of BB10 success. Where will RIM and RIMM be then?

        BB10 may be a hit, but we'll not know for several months and in the meantime, who'll buy an old Bold or Torch? Nobody.

        Love to engage you but your anger is apparently clouding your judgement.

      • "RIMM is cash flow positive and if they didn't spend huge amounts on R&D they would make a profit, which they will next year"

        wow, how short-sighed is that statement, even by rimtard standards.

        even they didn't have declining revenue, marketshare, margins, units... they might make a profit.

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