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  • wes_w_weber wes_w_weber Nov 16, 2012 3:05 PM Flag

    Thesis on RIMM

    One of the biggest reasons for my purchase of RIM was because of Apple. When RIM created the smartphone market it was what it was. Email, Text and Chat, 100 million people. Apple expanded the market 10 fold to over a billion people with its invention and for that I am grateful.

    RIM is now re-entering a market that is 10x larger than when it began trading on the exchange. Even if the percentage of ownership of users is 10% (which I believe it may eclipse 15% or 20%) in the next 2 years that means their user base can double.

    You could bring 80 million people to 160 million in no time. That is 80 million handsets plus the kicker of carrier fees. Revenue's would eclipse $30 billion. This is definitely a long bet but it is speculative. Do you have the cahones?

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    • Read my posts for 3 years they are clear. It was short RIMM. I have no ended that position for a bit now and have purchased at 6.29,6.36,7.24,8.24,8.53 and 9.05.

      This has a long way to go. 1 to 2% moves will add up fast with 10% pops. Don't want too many of these day, just nice slow creep up and then a pop.

      If this goes up too quickly I personally would just dump it and run. Something that has value will climb slowly over time (months). Something that is manipulated and artifically driven suggests there is little value and lots of hype. So be aware.

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