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  • elmaestro11 elmaestro11 Dec 5, 2012 11:14 AM Flag

    The Apple PIG Tanking and RIMM GREEN as it should be.

    They are Fleeing Apple and Loading up on RIMM.....Even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see this.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Fine advice Tim. If you sold your RIM at $70 and just bought Apple at...etc,etc, etc.

      Your predictions regarding apple and RIm were dead wrong. Nothing about this dead cat bounce changes that. When BB10 fails, the final chapter will be written.

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      • BB10 will make quite a noise after it comes out. RIMM still has some room to grow as well as its
        share price. AAPL can also grow simultaneously. AAPL may be a better stock to own for long term. But RIMM is the stock to own for short term and may be also for long term if BB10 is acceptable by consumers (based on today's share price). AAPL may suffer a little for higher cost if it decides to manufacture some of its parts in US. I'll support AAPL if it starts to manufacture or use its parts in US even though it may not be as profitable. But I'll wait until all the dusts are settled.

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      • Yes, I wish I had sold RIM at $140 and bought Apple. I didn't. I am man enough to admit it. I made a big mistake. Now the same conditions apply for you guys. But it's tough to take advice, isn't it when you are wedded to one point of view over another.

        By the way, BB10 is not going to fail. Even if it capures 10% of the market, it will have succeeded and the stock will rise.

        Sentiment is turning against Apple and for RIM. It may not hit $140 again, but it will go up from here.

        Best of luck, Joe.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Apple is the largest company on the planet. Everyone in the universe is hedging their position, capturing profits and preparing for the slingshot effect after Apple reports stellar earnings in January.

      Meanwhile, RIM is a dying dinosaur and is merely a trading stock till their new products arrive dead on shelves.Enjoy your double digit stock price while you have it. Consider it a gift.

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