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  • arhdan9 arhdan9 Dec 8, 2012 5:39 PM Flag

    Why We Should Buy BB10 & Dump iPhone and Androit Phone IN The Same Time

    The reason is simply that BB10 is made in Canada and the United State of America while iPhone and Androit phone are made in China and South Korean, etc.

    Is that enough?

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    • Hello, ABC World News, can you guys please air this to Americans too. Not just airing some Xmas decoration made in USA, etc.

      How about buy BB10 and dump iphone and adriot phones since they are foreign.

    • Are you an idiot? It has nothing to do with where it is made. For BB10 to be successful, ASIA market is the biggest driver. If you install this protectionism, they will do the same and it would spell the end of RIM and other companies. Look at the lumber dispute between US and Canada.

      RIMM is a strong buy right now, whether you are short or long, is there is a lot of good things going for it right now. When you are at the bottom, there's only one direction that you can go from there..UP! If the shorts are attached to this position, then they are just as bad as the long for holding on when it was dropping. GLTA.

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    • There is sign written on the wall, and it is clear: buy, buy and buy!

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    • The reasons you should buy RIMM is because it will once again be a growth company.

      1. Instead of RIM electing to use the andriod paltform, it instead decided to acquire the QNX platform. Though this has yet to play out, I believe it will allow RIM to continue to develop and grow for the next several years as Apple has done with iOS. Unfortunately, the Android platform fails to allow much differentiation between manufacturer's and will undoubtedly stiffle innovation independantly. Essentially, all the manufacturer's using Android will look-alike and act-like.

      2. The QNX platform allows scalability in the greatest mobile device ever conceived... your automobile. There are over 1 billion cars on the road in the world. This platform can be used by car manufacturer's in both low-end and ultra-high-end models like. The difference being the higher the price point, the more features and applications you add. Voice recognition is the new frontier.... and QNX is in the forefront of this market currently in its infancy.

      3. QNX is not just for cars.... Manufacturing and Automation (robots ans assembly lines), if the U.S. and Canada wants to compete against China as a World Class manufacturer, it will do it through efficiencies aimed at keeping per unit costs down. QNX is simply a very good platform with which to do this.

      4. When apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, it already had a loyal subscriber-base which used its MAC products. This allowed Apple a safety net with which it could sell to its support base a new and innovative product that was largely untested. The original iPhone did not originally catch on with non-Apple consumers right away... but, with time, consumer's made it the number 1 mobile phone device.

      I believe Rim's 79 million subscriber base will afford BB1o devices a safety net as well. If the device rings true with non-Blackberry users, then this could propel RIMM's stock price akin to APPL's.

      Unlike Apple, RIMM does not have the luxury of a diverse portfolio of successful products like the iPod or the iTunes platform, so I simply do not believe RIM has the potential for Apple-like returns. This essentially means that BB10's success it critical in my opinion. However, if BB10 fails to connect with consumers especially its core user, then I believe current management will avoid complete liquidation through its sale of assets like QNX, its subscriber base, and intellectual properties. Thus, investors should take some soilce in knowing BK is less likely than many believe it to be.

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      • Tradingbasis, I love your thorough understanding of the market and RIMM in general. You're right about Apple's diversified products whereas RIMM can only rely on mobile and it's QNX platform. This is a ground shaking announcement for RIMM. I truly believe they will break through the barrier because if you look at the mobile industry right now, there is almost no innovation other than introducing nice devices (Galaxy II & Iphone 5). Where is the innovation with the OS? I am getting bored with my Iphone 5 already. By the way, I heard Rimm's asset is worth conservatively ~4-8 billions, so even if they go BK the share price still be $7 to $13 (current cap is $7 billion). Assuming QNX will be a blast platform, now all they need is a sexy device like Iphone 5 or even better to attract those non-core consumers.

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      • tradingbasis,

        Agreed with what you have said, except the last paragraph. I believe apple is done, and rimm is up. Some company will replace apple, but not sure it will be rimm.

    • Absolutely true.

      Plus, AAPL has peaked since no more innovated product has been produced for a long time and price has gone to the roof dumped by institutions.

      Now the same institutions has embarked on a shorting strategy on AAPL.

      Obviously, rimm would win because 1) oversold, 2) low expectation, 3) 18 million bb10 will make even for rimm and rimm has 80 million base, 4) bb10 so far has seemed a highly innovated product with many new feature... you name it.

      Buy rimm before most institutions rate buy.

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    • people are so dummy , they keep buying stuff made in Asia and than they complain about the jobs being taking away there .

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