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  • kevinvests kevinvests Jan 2, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

    is BB10 free?

    ok, 8 applications running simultaneously. Is that gonna cost really hi on data plans? An average person can barely handle or need two simultaneously running programs, why would anyone need 8? An average blonde can't even chew gum and walk at the same time.

    With my iphone now, I can tap and peek at anything ONE AT A TIME. I can surf the net, then peek at my emails, text, then return to my internet without interruption. How is this different from BB10?

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    • In reality it isn't different. In fact through multitouch swiping you can do the same with the Ipad too. You can even create any touch gestures that you want.

      But this is the RIM message board where things that have been around for years on other devices are pumped as game changing features unique to RIM.

    • You are always in control is the key difference. Even if an app is poorly written, it will never "lock" you or make you wait, you always have OS access. (and given that there are over a million android and apple apps that have never been downloaded, even by the writers themselves, I suspect there are some poorly written apps out there).

      This is something I eluded to in another post. It is really hard to explain and show how BB10 is different, and that is where the challenge will be for RIMM into getting the device into peoples hands for extended periods (not just the display models, but have employees that can demonstrate some of the nice little things the KB does for example, as you really need the quick tutorial you get the first time you use it. It's like the difference beteen a knife and a laser, learning to use a laser takes a bit more work than knowing how to use a knife, but you can get some great results once you learn how).

    • Why only 1 should be the real question?

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