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  • dgisby dgisby Jan 2, 2013 4:48 PM Flag

    is BB10 free?

    If not for the ability to run Droid apps for those addicted to Droid, the fastest browser on record now, the camera with time shift, the flow, its the SECURITY.

    DId you know the phones listed have the worst security, personal or Enterprise. Droid is notarious for being hacked EASILY. Then on top of that, the Enterprise BB has a firewall so fierce that if you tried to cut/paste from your enterprise account to your personal account, you CANT. Employers LOVE that security, cause on a device employees can do what they like and they have no visibility to it. With BB Enterprise the employer can impose their limits and not interfere with the users personal email accounts/browser/etc.

    You guys have no clue.

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    • carbryce Jan 2, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

      Flow and hub can and will be emulated by others if its that great. And timeshift is a gimmick and is available in Nokia WP8 devices. besides the technology is owned by Nokia anyways

      nice try though.

    • blackberry offers a decent phone but, the management really sucks.

    • security maybe good if one was to do work on it. Are you expecting the general public to use their phones to type out a full work report? Most people are happy that they can use their phone for emails, twitters, some gamings, internet surfing, music, and phone. It doesn't matter what kind of jobs they have; I know people in top level jobs and still use their phones for those purposes I just mentioned.

      Thus, why is the need for high security? Google doesn't have high security and apple doesn't either, but why are their phones selling like hotcakes? Simply because they are user friendly and they do what I mentioned. BB10 lookes confusing with all the "flow and hub". It will not make 1 million sells.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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