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  • angkorwhacked angkorwhacked Jan 2, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

    What's different about Rimm beat down?

    Every company has received a beatdown here and there, but many business do not rely on ONE income. An example of companies that have received beatdown and either died or had tough time reviving are companies that relied on ONE income-- Solandra, Palms, Nokia. Thus, don't expect this hail mery of BB10 to save the day. If BB10 was released 4 years ago, then Rimm would have had a fighting chance but not at this late stage of being 3 years behind in innovation/creativity.

    Game is over and no customer is gonna sign a two year contract with a new OS that is struggling its debut, with little or no apps. Too many good phones out already and BB10 offers nothing that is innovative to the customers.

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    • Please do some more reading on the Blackberry10. It is an incredibly fast,powerful,solid phone with a vast army of people waiting to get one. A good buy today. Expect $15.00 US before launch .I make a very profitable living by being right.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Spoken with the insight, intelligence and wisdom similar to that of a 2 by 4...

      The tide is turning, go RIMM!

    • Oh so you have tried out the actual new bb10 phones before they have been released? Can you share your experience with them?

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      • Exactly. My wife, who said she would never defect to a virtual kb has tried swipe on android, and the "correct sometimes" on the iOS and was really upset when she found out RIM was waiting until June to release the physical KBs. I have the Developer Alpha at home, and she said the KB is finally good enough to make the switch. There are a lot of little things that make so much sense about the UI. From the classic hold for caps, to now hold for caps, to other goodies that aren't apparrent on youtube. The Camera is probably the coolest "show off" feature, but the thing I like the most is you NEVER get frozen in doing something. The OS always lets the user stay in control. This is something the RIM employees went on and on about at BBJAM, but you really don't get it until you play with it. Something is calculating? No problem, you can still check emails and it continues doing its thing in a seemless way, it finishes before you open email? Bam don't slide all the way and you are back looking at the original app. It really just makes so much sense, but I don't think you can put it into words or even see enough of it in a demo at a store, and that is the biggest danger. Rim certainly has the most advanced OS imho, but how they can get people to feel the difference for long enough to see all the little things that are now done right remains to be seen.

        On the personal side, even if BB10 is the alpha release in a slightly nicer form factor (love the angled edges personally), with the hub enabled, I will be one happy camper. Also, little to no apps? 70-100k isn't nothing imho, esp. when you add in millions of flash apps *cough*... I have no doubt apple would count those, if they had support for flash. (why pay for a mortgage calculator, or download one, when my bank has a great one on their site in flash?)

        Exciting times we live in, I am thankful for apple et al. pushing rim to see what it can do.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • look at the reviews and youtube. the phone has been out already for tests; BB10 has no "awe" factor. Y F You can pretty much know how it will perform and the reviews will just tear it it pieces, compared to other phones.

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