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  • donnapinkwater donnapinkwater Jan 11, 2013 3:18 AM Flag

    BMO Cuts To Underperform - a few words.

    The analyst behind the downgrade is Tim Long.
    According to TipRanks since 2009 he had 29% success rate (olny 5 out of 17 recommendations of his actually outperformed the market). also an average Buy/Sell recommendation of returned -9% under the S&P500.

    So Basically i am not sure he is the guy i would follow.

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    • Good post. Interesting service TipRanks offer....Tim Long needs to hang it up though...27.7% success rate now...

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    • Tim Long has to make a call...he is paid to do so. No fault to him even though many might disagree with him. The transparency issue is with Savitz He ONLY reports Bearish views on RIMM. Forbes doesn't insist on balanced reporting? Is it Savitz's or Forbes' crusade against RIMM ? And why? Tim Long has a right to make a call to many bad ones and he gets canned. Did anyone other than Savitz report on BMO release?? Did I make my point?

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      • Ralphy boy...
        It is still early in the day. These tech bloggers/tech analysts tend to sponge off of others. It will likely be more widely reported as the day goes on.

        Nevertheless, I find it interesting that you are crying bias that Forbes would report a downgrade by a huge organization like BMO. One could argue that there is a conspiracy to suppress negativity by the fact that such a huge organization has downgraded and it isn't widely publicized yet.

        Later in the day, longs will cry foul if it is widely reported.

        24/7 conspiracies against RIM is the order of the day. Regardless of events.

    • Analysts have no clue. Just look at NOK: Pacific crest said in December 2012 after their so called "channel checks" that only 1 million WP 8 devices will be sold in the 4 Q 2012. Turned out that over 2 million is a more realistic number.

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      • That is partially true.. a lot of analysts are biased and there ratings are a result of personal interests.. which is sad.. and whats even more sad is that they are very influential.

        That is why TipRanks Add-On is a good tool, it shows you all their historical recommendations and measured performance automatically when you read a relevant publication...

        It coveres only Sell side Analysts for now, but soon it will also cover bloggers and message boards so you can even see your own success ratings and others here..

        The idea is that you can filter mediocre people's opinion and follow those who have a positive track record.

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