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  • sully_5353 sully_5353 Jan 13, 2013 6:00 AM Flag

    thanks for the run.. i'm out!!

    haus.linda congrats on your quick profits but if you want honest savy advice from a trader that has turned a 100k account into 2.7 million in less then a year then hear me out !! I like you have made lots of money day trading stocks that have exploded short term but then died out..

    But the key to being a savy investor is to recognize when a stock only has short term potential and when it has long term potential... I learned the hard way that though you made some quick money you might have sold yourself short if you settle for chump change when you could have made 10 to 20 times more..

    As far as going short now i would strongly advise against it because whatever you made on your $2 to the long side will probably be lost back if you go against this uptrend that has just begun !! Be wise and be careful.. If you truly dont believe this will go higher my advice to you is sit on the sielines and wait to see if the uptick trend continues or if it starts pulling back... Then decide..

    Because if you jump the gun and pull the trigger pre-maturely you might find yourself under water very quickly.. In my honest opinion this stock is just getting started again to the upside.. This is a long term trend back up... Be careful and Good Luck.. Congrats on your $2 gain...

    Lots of Luck


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • thanks for your advice! i've been day trading for 2 years now and yes i know i've seen money slip past me plenty of times by pulling or not pulling the trigger. long term for me has been at best a month lol.. i do intend on leaving some dollars in when i feel confident enough about a company to do so. until then i like to make the "quick money" and build my funds... this way i'm able to average down or buy more as needed for a long term investment.

      these guys are all talking smack.. i'm long and short many times throughout the day if a stock is on the move.. i can trade aapl like this all day.. so when i hear stuff about being a liar because i was short one day then long the next it makes me laugh. why am i a liar? that's my trade. guess it's better just not to talk about it. at least i'm not bashing and making up some BS about a company that isn't even true like some people...

      by the way, looks like i made the right choice for today :)

    • Agree lt up

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