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  • emanuel_dabah emanuel_dabah Jan 19, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

    RIMM will end like PALM

    I will answer you form the end....
    "Short all you can "
    I never short I always buy put deep in the money 4-6 months in advanced
    Rimm has 3B in cash
    well my friend in the good time Palm had 5B in cash......

    the reason I bearish on RIMM is the same reason I was bearish on PALM ALVR ECIL etc...
    that what called one product company

    when I wrote that APle will go to 500 3 months ago many called me NATZ

    RIMM must take this money and start to thing about new ideas
    only idiot thing that RIMM will sell enough smartphone to cover all fix cost

    Well good luck to you

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • emanuel....get ready to be wiped out mate....thats all i can say...i like your spirit... but if you have any brains at all you will see whats about to transpire when this product finally gets released...

      full steam ahead....

      for the record iam very long....bought more @ 7.50 last fall...


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      • How can I wiped out if I just bought option 16 for Apr deep in the money and wrote against them 13 for March
        after earning we will see were this go
        any way my point is very clear
        If RIMM will stay only with the black barry I do not see any chance for them to survive
        not because they are not good the only reason is simple until today no company in the world survive selling only one product.....

        even Aple understood it now they are talking about aple TV.....

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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