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  • brewdude424 brewdude424 Jan 25, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    Shorts only covered 2 million shares

    from the rise from 12 to 15. I bet the next report will show even more from the rise from 15 +
    Go to nasdaq trader to see the results. They released them right at 4.

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    • The smart money that shorted when RIMM was at $70 PPS has long since exited their positions. The current short interest is all from dumb money that started shorting after RIMM had already crashed (or gotten below $16 PPS). The same type of dumb money who sadly buy at the peak also tend to sell or short after (or close to) hitting bottom. The dumb money is what caused RIMM to over-correct and hit almost $6 (far below book value) and gave us an unbelievable fire-sale buying opportunity.

      I feel bad for them. But with freedom comes responsibility. They have made their beds and now must lie on them.

      By the way, the smart money who shorted RIMM at $70+ PPS are now long RIMM. They went long RIMM as soon as RIMM dipped below $10 PPS.

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    • Of course, they know what they are doing - just like NFLX, they are sitting pretty! Sitting pretty in the sights of the WS sharks! Most of WS long ago stopped making their real money by analysing and investing in good companies. What they do now is coral all the money they can into one place, like they did with RIMM and NFLX short interest. Then, they take it. Minimal effort, it's in one place, no mess, no fuss. You all had plenty warning with RIMM though, should have heeded it. Going short RIMM over the 6 months was like going long AAPL, you couldn't lose. AAPL has just now had its big payday for WS, although the journey was pretty good too. RIMM's will be next week, journey was likewise pretty good. Remember all the AAPL to $1000 calls right about the time it started its decent? Remember all the RIMM to $6 calls just after it began its ascent? Remember all the fresh short interest piling on subsequently? Going short RIMM - you can't lose, every smart junior HF and sef directed investor knew that. Go long AAPL to $1000 and go short RIMM to $6.

    • And nerflix short interest actually fell by 3 million shares as of 1/15. So that squeeze happened on far less shares than they thought. Just 10 mil shares. So they only had about a 18% short int of the shares outstanding. rimm is at 26%!!! My guess is we go to 22-23 next week on launch. Then a dip down to 19ish and then news comes of how many units sold in the first weeks and bamm stock goes up $10 from covering.

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    • RIM product launches are the best time of the year to hold bearish positions..

      Everybody knows this.

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