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  • wazoo_wazoo_wazoo wazoo_wazoo_wazoo Jan 26, 2013 1:28 PM Flag

    Lenovo could be the best potential client

    According to Canadian law, any foreign acquisitions of businesses worth more than C$344 million are sent into “automatic review” and checked for its benefit to the country. In 2010, Canada did not allow a takeover attempt of Potash Corp. by Australia’s BHP Billiton.

    It is highly unlikely that any Chinese company would take over Research In Motion Limited because of obvious security reasons. A couple of months back, US House Intelligence had requested US firms to stay away from Chinese-based Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp. citing potential security threats to sensitive US networks.

    Therefore, a full takeover of Research In Motion Limited is not possible. A company might be able to take over only the non-beneficial hardware portion leaving behind the sensitive software and services part. As of now the company is focusing on the launch of Blackberry 10, but Lenovo could be the best potential client if and whenever Research In Motion Limited decides to sell off its hardware arm.

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    • wazoo,

      I found reporting on Lenovo amazing.

      Either it is intentionally mis-reporting or unintentionally mis-guiding.

      Have you ever heard of a potential suitor pre-announces their interest in buying a company before they even bid? No.
      All the reporting about Lenovo wants to buy RIM is a mis-direction.

      Not reporting what Heins kept on saying "Strategic Partnerships" is simply a diversion tactic. Keep people away from the real news.

      • 2 Replies to beavertailcanada
      • Bro this is not a misdirection from or to build up the hype. BB10 is seen as a major player going forward so a partnership with Lenovo makes sense since China mobile market is five times bigger than the USA. Apple is having a tough time to enter the Chinese market so joining Lenovo is making much sense than going alone Thorsten understands that if you cant beat apple or Samsung in the hardware business then partnershipping with Lenovo can increase publicity because Lenovo is already the top PC maker in china. The future of mobile phone is heading toward the FarEast not North America anymore. Folks use your business analytical skills. Seem like most of these folks on this message board don't have a business degree to understand the macroeconomic side. c'mon.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • btc,
        As you mentioned, potential suitors usually talk to regulators and authorities behind the scene in advance of a possible merger or buyout to get approval for a deal. The two companies have reportedly been in talks as was apparently leaked, bungled and covered up. It could be an alliance or sale of a portion of the company that will be announced after the new product unveiling on Wednesday.

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