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  • sully_5353 sully_5353 Jan 26, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    Mark my words yesterdays pullback was sheer manipulation by Market Makers

    I have been trading for 10+ years and i was watching very very closely on level 2 exactly what they were doing..

    First off when everyone was buying at the ask they were not raising it and when it died down they staring excepting the bid then lowering the ask.. Also everytime the buying at the ask was extremely heavy and they could not hold it down once it went up 3 to 5 cents it would mysteriously drop back down 3 to 4 cents killing the momentum of the rally.. They basically did this all day long and thus forcing the pps to close way lower !!!

    Now the big question !! Why did they do it ?? Well i also saw big blocks of shares being bought for the lowest pps of the day.. I'm talking about 100,000 shares and better in one clip !!

    So what does that tell you ??? I will explain what it tellls me.... They are loading the boat for the launch.. Thats what.. They are getting as many cheap shares as they can before they let this baby run full force.... Once there greedy azzes get enough shares to make a killing on RIMM they are going to let it run...

    So all longs be prepared for a major run-up.. It will fly next week and will ignite a short squeeze.. This baby will not let up until we reach $35 pps minimum...

    I am ready for another ride of a lifetime.. God bless me because i have had the pleasure of experiencing this a few times in the past... But even if this is your first you are blessed !!

    Best of luck all longs..


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    • are we FLYING yet...Capt... my shade is down? i dont hear the engines??

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    • Once again i have to sit here and watch this get manipulated by the MM"s... lol Sully

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    • They are clearly doing it again..... Unreal

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    • The market view of RIMM and subsequent drop in pps on thursday was a reaction to the AAPL earnings and future guidance. Manipulation of a stock with trading of 50mm would require nearly all participants to be in on the scam. That would include you.

    • To substantiate your argument regarding the manipulation, I found out that the bought/sold ratio (reflecting the total volume of shares that were traded on the buy side relative to the volume of shares that were traded on the sell side) was 1.08 on 01/25/13, indicating the net cash flow of $39.64 millions. Best of luck to all RIMM investors on the coming week and ever after!! P.S. please don't drag my lord into this short squeeze we're expecting.

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    • racebill Jan 26, 2013 5:00 PM Flag

      I agree with you about the manipulation.It reminded me of Knight capitol right after their"screwup" last year.I didn't even watch it all day because I figered what would happen.I figured it would go down to around 17 like you said a couple days ago.It might go down more.I'm thinking rimm will be very profitable over the next year but I dont think the short squeeze will be as quick and explosive as some people think.The big shorts are conniving intelligent people.Not like the cheerleaders on this board with a couple hundred shares invested.I just saw a couple of those guys boo hooing on the the Nok board how they lost money and didn't become instant millionares.I think if BB10 is sucessfull Rimm will profit and the shorts will go find easier pickings.I'm still long Rimm and Nok.but I will dump either one as quick as I did AApl the other day if they become too big of losers.I waited way too long to dump aapl but was still a couple hundred bucks a share ahead.Better to be a small winner many times then a big loser. Good luck and I hope the squeeze is as quick as some people think

    • Absolutely there is manipulation in this great big Casino of a market..Those loud mouthed Titans, be they long or short, confirm this.. I refer to the Ackman, the Greenhorn, and the Icahn.. BUT Friday's action was due to one single statement by the man that counts.. the Canadian Finance Minister who kiboshed any possible Lenovo bid .. which removed any desire of those maturing calls to exercise.. They started to sell towards the last few hours, killing any rally attempt.. NOW having said that, as a Long you should be pleased.... except for unwilling call holders, there was no heavy institutional short selling.. having been burned by NFLX, they have been chastened...ANYWAY.. it is Wednesday 30th that counts... Heins has promised an 8th round ""knockout".. lets see if he can deliver.. IF HE can, a 25 closing on the 1st is highly likely... after that, its up to Facebook and IBM..

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      • I will say this one more time (like I did with the FB/RIMM rumor, I tried to kill the Pin-the-Donkey Straw man attack).

        It is a mis-direction to talk about a bid from Lenovo, or a buyout from Lenovo.

        Heins talked about "Strategic Partnerships".

        Strategic Partnership is not equal to Buyout.

        Big shorts like to mis-direct to lessen the impact.

    • Unfortunately there is lots of deception in this business thats why its not for everybody.. And playing the market gets a bad rep because of so called investors that dont understand how the game is played... They call them weak hands.. There decision making is controlled by panic and fear and emotions.. When you become a seasoned trader you know how these people behind the scenes are operating and you play accordingly... They are very decieving and could make a very very good trade seem very bad...So you need to envision the big picture.not what is happening a that moment because they will manipulate and shake you right out of a very good trade if you let them.. Its called panic selling..

      You panic because you cant handle the loss so you pull the trigger and sell.. The next thing you know the pps is $2 higher.....

      Always think long term and watch the trend and history of the stock because that is your only safety net... When you are in a trade and its just not doing what you expect it to that day look at the charts..

      If the stock has been ending up higher at the end of the month then the trend is your friend.. You might be down theat day but if you hold that loss on paper will come right back with extra on top of it.. But if you panic and sell because you cant endure the loss then that money is depleted from your account forever.. You now have less buying power for your next trade.. So the moral of this ost is to let you traders know... You should always do your due diligence before entering into a trade and execute will toal conviction.. If you did your homework correctly stand by your guns and dont back down.. 90% OUT OF 100% it will go in your favor...

      Good luck traders...


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      • So right.

      • And lastly what i forgot to mention in my last post is Trade within your bracket !! Dont try and trade with 100K if you are working with a 25k account.. Dont be over eager.. Take your time and build up the numbers in your account gradually.. Rome wasn't built in a day get the picture.. Set realistic goals.. Like same time next year my $25k will be $75k or better.. If you are a good day trader that is easily achievable..

        Save lots of reserves so if a trade really starts getting away from you then you can buy more shares when it bottoms out and average your price share down.. So when it starts running in your favor it does not have to climb as far back up for you to get to a break even...Be careful and good luck traders

        lol sully

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    • Hey sully_5353 ... your words will ... most certainly be ... marked. Great, intelligent use of words you possess. What happened yesterday / Friday ... going from green to red ... was well explained. I held a Long position.

      Much appreciation ... keep posting please.

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    • Oh and by the way that $35 pps is short term expectaions.. Probably within the next 3 months..

      lol Sully

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