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  • tha_genius_one tha_genius_one Jan 27, 2013 2:27 AM Flag

    New to RIM - Need some opinions

    Hi all,

    I'm new to RIM and have been hearing good things about BB10 and the upside potential for the stock lately. After some thinking, I've decided to make some big purchase on RIM shares very soon, most likely this week. What makes me a bit worried and cautious before buying now is that with the hugh run-up in the past few months, there's a possibility that share price might drop significantly (?). I know that the 30th is the BB10 launch date, so I think it'll rally until then but I'm also a little worried/concerned that there may be a temporary sell-off on and/or after the 30th. I would really appreciate some inputs on when I should jump in at this point.

    Serious responses only please! Thank you.

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    • Buy before the 30 of January or buy at $30.

    • Wait for 15.00 or lower to pull the trigger.

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      • I see a lot here hoping for a Dec 20/21, 2012 style of panic selling to time a refill.

        I must admit, the panic manipulation was well executed by the big shorts on Dec 20. It was sharp and it was quick. They sold 20M+ shares in twenty minutes after hour. Follow up by a media campaign to spread the fear. It was a surprise attack, as the earnings report was very good (cash reserve increased, costs cutting goal of $1B was met 1Q earlier and will continue, ongoing operation earnings is black) and the outlook was very good (support going to 150+ from 50 carriers, 1,600 enterprise customer signed up for the ready for BB10 program, BES10 beta is in field test).
        Analysts ambushed Heins on present and future revenue models. Just because Heins did not want to give away the thunder. That was the opening for the FUD.

        Can this happen again? Will the longs fall into such trick again, now we have more information than Dec 20? The panic attack on Dec 20, 2012, had costs them about 20M short shares, which bring it up to about 135M short shares. Can they borrow and short more or get their friends to do more naked short to start another panic manipulation?

        I am calling all longs to 1) save some dry powder for a counter attack if it comes, 2) Seller strike by putting in a sell order for all your shares at a high price, e.g. $50, $60, $100. Shorts say it has no effect. Well, then there is nothing they should be worried about, and it only costs longs a few key strokes.

        I recommend to both longs and shorts to run out and buy a BB10 ASAP for a test drive. All other people that have used it, love it. You didn't have a chance to try it, so do so immediately as it becomes available.
        Then spread the word and show off the BB10 to all your friends.

        Samsung is in because it is the only alternative to iPhone. BB10 will be an alternative to the Samsung.

        One wave replaced by another wave...RIM was the 1st wave, Apple was the 2nd wave, Samsung is the 3rd wave and BB10 will be the 4th wave.

    • Don't buy too much that makes you uncomfortable. Buy only enough that you can hang on...

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