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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 28, 2013 5:44 PM Flag

    RBC Capital predicts that the company’s stock will will fall after the BlackBerry 10 event on Wednesday

    Wonder why there is a 28% short position? When there is easy money to made it attracts big money. You will be lucky to make it to Thursday without dropping below 13.

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    • toolazy Jan 28, 2013 9:48 PM Flag

      YOU LYING HORE. U have no credibility.

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    • You really are a shameless liar. Search " BlackBerry Fans Are Going To Love The Latest Bullish Research Note We Just Got"
      It's an article written by Business Insider Jan 23, 2013 stating that they just got a very nice report from RBC Capital regarding RIM's next operating system for the Blackberry 10.

      You don't care how much you lie, do you A Yahoo User. Do you really think you are going to save the short by writing this garbage?

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      • Again a yahoo article is not research and doesn't hold a match to the research the shorts with 28% short did. Someone said the BB10 would be nice.... that's nice.... I saw everything we know about the BB10 and it is nothing special.

        ESPECIALLY WITHOUT ANY APPS! People have moved on and yes EVEN THE DIEHARD FANS people keep using as buzz words.

        I know it is hard to realize you are wrong since you own the stock, but selling now can mitigate that damage. You just need to open your eyes.

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    • Who in the hell is RBC Capital??? and who cares. Heck, you should just listen to Cramer as well. After all he said SELL SELL SELL when it was at $7. A bit of free advice to you... Do your own homework and your own predictions; Don't let others do it for you, especially if they are giving you free advice which will be most of the time incorrect.

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    • Same guys that said Obama would be good for business.

    • stop spreading lies. if you're short, fine, i get that but you do yourself a disservice spewing falsehoods.

      From the national post:

      With all the information leaked thus far regarding the launch of Research In Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry 10 smartphone line and operating system, RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Sue anticipates the stock to settle down quickly after Wednesday’s launch.
      RIM CEO Heins draws praise after first year, but biggest test remain

      There are those in the technology industry who believe the BlackBerry 10 rollout is nothing short of a make or break moment for RIM, a company that once dominated the smartphone world but which has been pushed to the brink of obscurity in North America by the wild popularity of Apple Inc.’s iPhone and the rise of devices powered by Google Inc.’s Android software.

      Although CEO Throsten Heins has earned praise from Wall Street and the technology world for steering RIM through troubled waters, only the rollout and eventual success or failure of BlackBerry 10 will define his tenure at RIM.

      He also said one of the keys to RIM’s success going forward depends upon the innovation beyond the first two BB10 devices.

      Echoing his Jan 23. forecasts, Mr. Sue anticipates RIM will ship 500,000 units in the February quarter and 10 million units in the 2013 calendar year. His price target on RIM shares remains the same at US$19.

      Mr. Sue thinks said in order to gain back consumer confidence, RIM needs to wow the audience with Wednesday’s launch. He also suggested RIM will use the event to shift the company’s image away from aging legacy devices to a modern platform.

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      • Shares of Research in Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM) tripped over an analyst comment on Monday morning and fell as much as 7.6 percent before bouncing back slightly. RBC Capital predicts that the company’s stock will will fall after the BlackBerry 10 event on Wednesday because many of the details of the new platform have been leaked already. RIM’s BlackBerry 10 launch has been framed as an all-or-nothing ordeal for months, and just two days before the event it’s clear that investor sentiment is all over the place.

        The stock is up nearly 50 percent since the beginning of the year, climbing from $12 to nearly $17 in a matter of weeks following a post-earnings plunge in December. RIM’s third-quarter report for fiscal 2013 showed a 47 percent year-on-year drop in revenue to $2.7 billion, and GAAP net income was $0.02 per diluted share, compared to $0.51 in the year-ago period. Adjusted net income came in at a loss of $0.22 per share.

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    • Same idiots who said not to buy at 7 bucks...yeah...listen to them. Same idiots who said go long aplle before earnings...yeah...listen to them...

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