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  • phoebekap phoebekap Jan 29, 2013 5:20 PM Flag

    Why so excited about tomorrow?

    I don't understand why everyone is so excited about the launch tomorrow. I mean, the share price will sky rocket to mid 20s and higher only if the consumer likes the phone and that verdict will be released much later so I don't get why people are so excited for tomorrow. Is RIM also going to release early order numbers as well tomorrow? Or, do people expect the analyst who have not been on board just yet change their minds and upgrade the stock?

    I am long RIMM.

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    • I don't think so. Once the real product is out, people will get a hand on it, if the feature is really good. People will want it. It is that simple.

    • How about, a big contract with cooperates all over the world. I am going to dump iphon5 and get the bb10

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    • It is all hype that is why people are excited. The course of action is to "sell the news".

    • Thank you everyone for replying and for being kind. I am new to investing and really am not too tech savvy - more like a beginner.

      I just asked the question because it didn't make sense to me why people were overly excited from now. I thought there's got to be more to tomorrow than just the launch, but now that everyone has explained, I understand. And thank you :o)

      Here's hoping people get more reason to get excited after the launch and hope that all those users (corporate especially) who migrated to iPhone or Android return to BB.

      I read that the new phone will also transact credit card payments which to me is really a wow factor. I mean, I get wow'd every time I flash my master-card in-front of a pay pass terminal and voila, purchase transaction completed. Now we will get to do the same with blackberry new phones. IMAGINE!!!!

      All the best to RIM and its shareholders - especially to new shareholders like me who have invested because I believe in the company. Have been wanting to invest in it since 2008 but just recently got enough cash to purchase some stocks. So I am excited and biting my nails because of all the 'do or die' news I have been reading.


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      • Phoe.. I hadn't heard about the credit card feature.. that's awesome.

        Another reason that everyone is excited about the launch is that Heins has said he has a "Mohammed Ali 8th round Punch" to announce at the launch.

        A lot of people are speculating on what that might be, but given the new QNX operating system, I am presuming (and hoping) that it has something to do with a partnership or massive contract with some big developer.

        We will see, but what ever it is, I hope it hits the pps hard enough that is initiates a rally and catches the 135 million shares shorted to cover. That could drive the price up immensely.

        It's going to be an exciting day tomorrow! Good luck to you and all longs.

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    • Phoe, I dont know how tech savy you are, but tomorrow is a big deal because this is a brand new platform. It's like a Christmas present that every kid loves to have on December 25. Got it? So far hedge funds pay media to publish negative news to drag the stock down because of the high short volume. Media only says things before the facts. If tomorrow is all positive reaction from the attendees you will see people preordering. This will drive up the stock price. Therefore, every short will need to cover and result in higher pps. You had witnessed Apple's unveiling of its Iphone 5 in September. The anticipation was huge but the phone didn't deliver any wow factor. BB10 is 10 times the anticipation of Iphone 5. Media and investors are all over for the last 6 months. Rimm will become third major player in the mobile computing market. Emphasis is on "computing" not "home button" which is too boring and old.

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    • Phoe, your the man. Finally someone with common sense. Thank you, your right on.

    • The reason people are excited is because this is RIMM's next generation OS platform. They have taken QNX and ported it to a mobile phone. It will be a brand-new OS, not some rehashed iOS that does not look any different than it did when it was released.

      For some reason people don't get it. This is not iOS with 2 more new features, or its own new mapping program. It doesn't add another 0.5 inch from the screen and is somehow "thinner."

      It is a re-designed OS with all the same security features that the Blackberry OS has provided with a new interface using QNX, which is proven software.

      The only question is will it be enough to capture people's interests?

      I know with Apple, all they would have to do is announce that iOS6 will come in red and blue with no changes and they'd sell 50M units. . .but that doesn't mean the phone has any innovation, enablers more productivity, etc.

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