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  • goldpermalbull goldpermalbull Jan 30, 2013 3:10 AM Flag

    This was just posted about an hour ago

    Haven't posted in a while. Yeah, still a Gold, Blackberry, Netflix fanatic. Wish I never sold this and instead doubled down last December. I posted here saying I knew I made a mistake and something BIG was on the horizon, but I got too involved in buying as much Netflix as I could when it got so low into the 60's. Put everything I had back into that and kept half my gold. Still love Blackberry's though, will be a Blackberry user for life. If I was an app developer, I'd develop a really cool GOLD APP for BB10. Meanwhile, go to Google, Youtube or Yahoo and type in Blackberry 10 Super Bowl Commercial Teaser. I'm kinda hoping RIMM takes a hit so I can get back in cheap, but I doubt it will. Expect a ten point surge upward any day now.

    Not selling NFLX though and not selling anymore gold nor am I putting any more money into the markets, happy with what I have, but still obsessed with following Blackberry. Thorsten Heins is a genius!!! I'm shocked, I was skeptical, but he proved my cynicism wrong. Watch for some big surprises coming soon. Shorts had their fun. Game now completely over for them. Major shocker will wipe out a slew of shorts. They will try extremely hard over coming days, weeks etc, like NFLX shorts did and will fail, many will go broke or kill themselves, sadly. Stupid to ever go short, rather wait for buying opportunities to go long on pullbacks. When you're short, there is no end to the amount you can lose and the stress is enormous. I tried it once. Not for me. Do yourself a favor, if you're short RIMM, cover as soon as you can. Hi Joel, if you're still here. Who are you betting on in the Superbowl next week? I lost a killing on AAPL, they're cooked.

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    • good post

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    • Goldpermabull,

      My view is one wave is replaced by another wave.

      RIM was the 1st wave.
      Iphone was the 2nd wave.
      Android IS the 3rd wave.
      BB10 will be the 4th tsunami.

      Shorts had tried to break RIM. Almost succeeded if they were able to plow it below $5. RIM avoided the break and had since made 3x because a handful had access to the development device and saw how good it was and saw how RIM running around the world meeting customer, carriers and hosting JAM sessions.
      Stupid shorts actually been throwing good money after bad, thinking too highly of themselves, with their money power, their basher team, and their media arm. To them, destroying a company is just a game.
      160 million shares short (with Canada + naked short) and possibly higher from last two day operations. Shorts are betting on a total flop. A mild success will kill them, let alone a good success. What are these shorts lacking mentally? Lack of higher degree education to understand beyond a rectangle? Too much of Apple drinking? It shall be interesting.

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