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  • carlosbohor2000 carlosbohor2000 Jan 31, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    This thing is selling below book value....but looks like it might go lower before bounce back up!!

    Shorts are laughing, but then again.....I got out at $17.

    Keeps going lower will just mean cheaper shares to buy!!!!!

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    • I might be wrong of course, unliek so many on this board, I'm only human. However, I believe RIMM found support today. IMO, there was an attempt by MMs to crash it at approx 1:50 (see chart), taking it down 20 cents or so, it did not succeed. They found unexpected support there. It recovered some into the close. Despite the red ink, today was a pretty good day for the stock. I believe it found support, it shook out the remaining nervous longs and offered up an opportunity for some short covering to those shorts less risk averse. We'll see tomorrow.

    • Too many people think book value means what the company is worth. Not even close.

      For example Credite Suisse values RIMM at 40% of market cap. What is that 5.11 a share? Again people think book value and if nobody tells them they assume what makes sense.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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