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  • antiyaya_yes antiyaya_yes Feb 1, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

    Target Share Price_A Distorted Weapon

    To make estimate of target price of $10. Do they forget roughly 3 billion cash rimm has in the bank; do they forget that the tangible asset of rimm is more than $14 per share; do they forget that rimm has just released to smartphones bb z10 and bb q10 which are the most advanced now in the world; do they forget rimm still have 79 million subscribers around the world; do they forget that rimm only needs to get a market share of tiny 5% to be very successful in the US; do they forget that to achieve something like 5% or 10% is not difficult but will become increasingly difficult to achieve high number? Do these analysts are all high-school dropouts, or they think we are all high-school dropouts.
    Come on, show a little bit of integrity, professionalism and honesty, we will give you back some respect

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    • Anytime, if I see one of those analysts, I will hint my dog to chase after them!

    • A fellow investor's comment on marketwatch:

      "It all comes to a collective term describing WS crooks: they have shorted this stock heavily and relentlessly taking advantage of "no hard data yet," and a period that the company is in a transition, and they now need time to cover.
      What they can do, yes we all know that: downgrade, downgrade, and downgrade.
      When they cover, they will upgrade, upgrade, and upgrade while unloading their fatty shares to the general public.
      This is how WS has been working for century!
      Once an analyst working for a big bank was sitting beside me and bragged how he could make stock price fly or nose diving. Immediately I realized his career, I said sorry I did not sit besides someone who have no integrity and disregard what is wrong and what is right. I walked away and got another seat. "

    • Exactly. Even a seven grader understands that, that even with a junk product, if you promote it in a consistent way, it is not difficult to get some sale. these ws crooked analysts are easy to forget that and when they look at amazon's share price, they are looking forward, and when they look at rimm, they are all looking backward.

    • Anti, they are joke. We all know that. Without their clients money, they are nothing! And because of their clients money, they sometimes can manipulate the market, and our government seems to be okay to that but not okay to school yard bully!

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