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  • leehab22 leehab22 Feb 2, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    Z10 Selling On Ebay For $3000.00

    Just about all news agencies are carrying this story which is great for this company . It brings awareness to the general public that this phone is different from the rest and it makes people wanting it more .

    Never in the history of telecom has a smart phone sold for $3000.00
    When Apple Iphone was launched it sold for $800.00 on Ebay

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    • racebill Feb 2, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

      The fact that people actually believe this is why the shorties are able to take money from gullible people on this board so easily. If this isn't a scam promoted by blackberry (you know we'll sell it to ourselves for a high price to make it look more valuable) and someone actually paid that price for a bb10 it shows that there are some really stupid people in this world.Or better yet really stupid people with money in this world and a fool and his money are easily seperated. Time will tell if bb10 will be sucessfull or not,and it very well might but right now this stock is a playground for traders(like myself) and shorties. good luck to all

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    • who the F would be short this now? dam

    • This is an interesting development, certainly puts the lie to the assertion that BB has been abandoned in the consumer's imagination, that is extremely important. I am happy to see this happening, but I do find it a bit surprising. BB isn't a Zombie/Cult brand like AAPL, its adherents are typically more mature and not prone to throwing money away like that. In fact, that's my hope for BB, that it is initially adopted by some its former business disciples (suits) from the glory years of 2002-2008 (glory years for both RIMM and the global and US economies). That's all it needs, that tug of nostalgia directed at those people that eventually dropped the BB for the iphone both because the iPhone was like an irresistable force and because BB blew it. But I maintain that BB is back with an amazing business tool again, the best, only this time just as consumer friendly. The iPhone (and Android) years have been great for AAPL and GOOG, Samsung, etc, but in the real world, and this is crucial, they have been terrible, uncertain, insecure years, the worst since the 30s, especially in the US and Europe. That association with good times (and bad) is pivotal, I hope that BB recognizes the power in it. Superbowl commercial should be directed at these people, IMO. I pray it is not directed at the kids, they are zombies, they won't switch until everybody else does. Funny, youth used to set the trends and business followed, now it's the other way around, ie, zombies.

    • I dismissed the ebay hype when I first read it due to the fact supply could be very low.

      However, a few analysts and articles out since then suggest sales are already in the hundreds of thousands of units.

      Based on pure supply and demand that many units would push the price way down unless demand was incredible. Until the sales leaks I would have thought different say if only 5-10k had been delivered.


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