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  • joelew111 joelew111 Feb 2, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

    RIM is the best strategist.

    In May of 2012 when BB10 was shown on stage but not released longs felt it was brilliant because they were taking their time to get it right. Thorsten was on the right track unlike Baldsillie and Lazy in rushing an incomplete product to market.

    In September when RIM announce that the BB10 would not be released in 2012 and miss all holiday sales, longs called this brilliant strategy. So wise to release it in January to avoid noise of Samsung and Apple products.

    Now that BB10 will not be released to the US ( the market that Heins said was absolutely critical to BB10 success) until March and April (Q10)when other phones are coming out. Longs call this brilliant to generate excessive demand when it comes to the US.

    I am convinced that if RIM delayed the phone forever and never launched it, the brilliance of that strategy would be immeasurable.

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    • RIM management is incompetent: a squandered market lead and highly negative comments from employees are reasonable evidence. But you'll never convince the pumpers/dolts/rimtards/whatever that RIM is anything less than a brilliant company. Just keep playing the short game. The aforementioned will routinely run up the stock price. Of course the price will crash back down when the reality of whatever news/rumor the pumpers were relying on turns out to be false. Heck, you can even play this stock on the upside if you want. Just be sure to bail before the price drops too far.

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