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  • cnbclies cnbclies Feb 5, 2013 11:24 PM Flag

    These clowns who call themselves analusys aren't very smart on their own!

    They need to repeat what some other lame analyst has said, lack of apps and a late release date in the US for the Q10 which is now slated for June. Wow, do they really believe that the average "Joe" investor is so dumb that they'll believe the BS they wright and therefore sell or short BBRY.

    Not only are they trying to bash the stock down but they are so ignorant they actually believe their own BS. They believe a potential buyer is not going to purchase a Z10 because it has a lack of apps, how laughable is that, lolololololol.......there are only 70k apps with more being added every day!
    Most people don't use but about 5 apps a day if that, the most used functions are there so that is laughable that a 5th grader could come up with a better argument than that!

    The Z10 will be available in the US soon enough and not having it available may have a positive effect, like the drug addict who can't get their drug but will continue to look for it until they get it and then what do they do, they over due it!

    These analysts are so underestimating the consumer and why many of them have the phone that they have now. It's not because it has a lot of apps or some widget box here and another widget box there. An I phone has become a symbol of status and many people who own one feels like they are on par with others just because they own the same type phone. If the Blackberry becomes the social phone of status they'll sell so many they'll have the same problem APPL had for awhile, they won't be able to make enough of them.

    I've watched many of my young friends go purchase another phone within a month of buying a different phone just because the most recent purchase had some newer feature or they heard it was a cooler phone. The new BB10 phones are gaining momentum in that area, people are and will be buying because their friend has one, keeping up with the Jones especially in the good ole USA will never end so just let those BB10 phones take hold in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade, at the workplace and out at the usual party spot in the evening and watch out.

    These clowns can try and bash this stock down all they want but they will lose, the BB10 phones appear to be a big hit and the consumers will take care of the putting these analyst out of work!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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